How To Encrypt Your Internet Traffic – Guide

There might be different reasons for everyone looking to encrypt their internet traffic. Some just want to hide their internet activities from their ISP or want to become immune to internet threats. Either way, internet traffic encryption has become a rising phenomenon due to data retention laws.

The surveillance activities have led the internet users around the world to employ such services that help them to encrypt internet traffic. Human beings have inherited the right to privacy which is currently being compromised rigorously. GCHQ, the NSA, and Google all are spying the private communications of the netizens.

Freedom of communication and uncensored internet is the right of users. Nations and companies block specific applications from being accessed, which is against net neutrality. Thus, in such cases, internet anonymity becomes necessary. To know how to encrypt your internet traffic, you must first understand why internet encryption is important.

Why Internet Traffic Encryption Is Important?

The Internet is definitely not a secure platform; it is open to everyone for doing anything. This open invitation poses a great risk to the legitimate users of the internet who in order to protect themselves look for measures and services.

Encrypting internet traffic is one the measure that lets the users hide their online activities from the monitoring of ISP, protect sensitive data such as passwords and credit card details. This is why it becomes important to encrypt internet traffic.

By encrypting your internet traffic you are making yourself immune to every threat that lies on the internet, which includes ISPs, hackers with malicious intent and even government organizations that hoard data on a daily basis. To ensure privacy, it is necessary to have your internet traffic encrypted.

5 Methods to Encrypt your Internet Traffic?

Encryption is everywhere around us. From credit cards numbers to passwords everything is encrypted so why not encrypt your internet traffic as well? Digital footprints can identify individuals from one another.

Internet encryption can easily hide your activities from prying eyes and you can surf the internet safely without any concerns. Even if you get eavesdropped upon by a hacker all he can see is encryption, not your internet activities. The ways on how to be encrypted on the internet are stated below.

1. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPs is a browser extension that functions for Opera, Android, Chrome, and Firefox. It was introduced by EFF who is widely respected for the purpose of digital privacy. When the extension is installed, it automatically redirects the unencrypted websites to encrypted, if encryption is supported by that website.

Once the HTTP is switched to HTTPS, all interaction of yours with the website will become encrypted. However, the name of the website that you visited will not be hidden from the ISP. This will only work for the websites which are supported by HTTPS and only the browsers that you have installed the extension.

Although it is not the finest way to encrypt internet traffic, yet it is better than having nothing. The encryption of internet traffic by using HTTPS was also recognized by Google after which it proposed that web pages without a secure connection should be flagged by the web browsers.

2. Use a VPN

Have you ever thought what potential risk is an unsecured Wi-Fi to your data? If not, then think about it. Hackers are able to intercept the data that is going to and from your device which is why outgoing and incoming internet traffic should be encrypted.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) acts as a secure tunnel to a trusted third-party server. All data that is sent via this tunnel gets encrypted which means it is now protected from intrusion. Encryption makes it harder to crack and recognize the user.

Web-based VPNs are available who charge a monthly fee. These VPN services are easy-to-setup for business or personal use. Once you get connected to a VPN, your IP address changes to another IP address. This means even if you getting spied upon they can’t identify you as your digital footprint and location is encrypted.

3. Tor Browser

Tor browser is an internet routing system which routes the traffic by encrypting the IP address from where it came. At each hop, only the last and next IP addresses are available to enable routing. The other hops including the real one are encrypted and can only be decrypted by a Tor router.

Detection from everyone is possible through the Tor except a few powerful state-owned surveillance machines. Surprisingly, the NSA had some problems in breaking the Tor yet everyone knows they can. Tor is safe for anonymous browsing; however, remember that some agencies can still use resources to spy on you.

Tor is the best protection if you want to hide your activities from the ISPs; it provides the most robust protection. Once you get connected to Tor browser, your ISP will only see that you are connected to a Tor network and unable to guess your destination just like VPNs.

4. Privacy Extension

There are a ton of privacy extensions which modify and enhance the security of browsers. These extensions let you control your internet experience. There are privacy extensions which can block the ads on the sites that you visit. More, kill’s the third-party scripts which might send your data to someone you don’t know.

However, this does not mean that you can fully rely on these extensions to do everything for you. Installing them is a responsibility as they might block things that are needed. Thus, having knowledge of such tools is important. By blocking some legitimate ads, you might cause a huge impact on a site and its employees.

5. Encrypted Messaging

Users can protect their communication with their friends, family or business by encrypting their messages. These messages can be encrypted by using applications available on all major platforms. These applications deliver end-to-end encryption which protects your data from prying eyes.

Organizations use sophisticated algorithms to suggest ads and search engine queries. The information that you share with your loved ones should be kept confidential, which is why these encrypted messaging applications come in handy.

Final Words

Before you download any of the applications, make sure you read this. These applications do not support cross-platform messaging. If your friend has WhatsApp you can only receive messages on WhatsApp and vice versa with other applications.

Encrypting your internet traffic has become essential for users due to the government surveillance activities and the rise of threat from the cyber-criminals. We explained, how you can encrypt internet traffic by using easy tactics that won’t demand hard effort from you.

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