The Best Encrypted Messaging Apps


Internet and communication age is moving at its fastest pace with ever increasing technological features. However, the surveillance activities are greatly been increased all around the world with data retention laws being implemented. This has immensely raised the user data tracking and has evoked concerns among the people. Therefore, to overcome the problem, tech owners have revolutionized their apps making them the best encrypted messaging apps to secure communication.

These messaging apps are designed in a way so that the communication between you and another person remains safe from being tracked. This is possible through a feature known as end-to-end encryption.

End-to-End Encrypted Messaging Apps?

The encrypted messaging app makes it difficult for the cyber goons and snooping eyes to access your personal communication. A conversation between you and the person at other end is made unrecognizable for any other individual and it’s almost impossible to decrypt it.

This end-to-end encrypting feature secures your communication from being exploited by a cyber attack and from an illegitimate use. However, in some of the apps, you have to enable this feature otherwise it is automatically enabled.

Keeping the conversation private between the two, some of these best encrypted messaging apps are figured out and discussed below.



The most used app for the messaging has finally implemented end-to-end encryption. It took around 6 months for them to fully implement the feature. By this action of the app makers, it became completely clear that how much encryption is important.

It stands on first in the list of best encrypted messaging apps that offers full end-to-end encryption. It has now become hard for the cybercriminals to breach WhatsApp and decrypt your information. WhatsApp does not store any of your messages on their servers. Moreover, it is a free app and has more than 1 billion users throughout the world.



Viber is also the instant encrypted messaging app, it introduced end-to-end encryption in their latest 6.0 version. They have also provided an overview of their encryption so those who are looking for advanced security can figure it out.

They have mentioned an exception which this encryption would not cover that are the attachments via iOS share extension.

The official statement:

Attachments sent using this method are still encrypted in transit (using HTTPS), but are not end-to-end encrypted. To ensure that your images and videos are fully end-to-end encrypted, send them from your Viber application directly and not from the iOS pictures library. This limitation applies only to iOS and will be addressed in a future release.

Considering this, you must make sure to use the method of sharing that Viber pointed out. All your data will be encrypted from your end all the way up the recipient. Viber is a free app that has approximately 754 million users.



The line was built by Japanese engineers. The invention of this app has a strange story. It was built for communication after a great earthquake that hit Japan in 2011. Telecommunications infrastructure was destroyed due to the calamity, hence the only way for communication left was through Internet-connected platforms.

However, when it came in use by the public it users grew dramatically. In 2015 the users crossed 700 million and in the same year line introduced end-to-end encryption. The feature was named as letter sealing, enable this feature and you are ready to go. Thus, Line can also be considered as the most encrypted messaging app.



Telegram is also a secure messaging app which focused on speed and security. When WhatsApp got banned in Brazil people started using telegram as an alternate and this helps the application to increase its user’s strength. It is a free app with more than 100+ million users.

A telegram has end-to-end encryption that is considered to be the most protected messaging platform. The deleting of messages from your side will trigger the removing of the same messages on the other side.

It also offers a feature that causes self-destruction of the messages, photos, videos and files once they are opened and seen by the receiver. Your required files will be deleted in a set amount of time. This self-destruction will delete messages from your as well as your friend’s device.

The telegram secret chats are device specific but they are not the part of telegram cloud. This factor clears that you can get access to the messages from the original device that they were sent from. This means that your messages are safe until the time your device is with you.

Steps to Enable Secret Chat Option?

  • Go to advanced settings
  • Turn on “secret chats”

IMessage And FaceTime


It’s an another encrypted messaging app but only for iPhone and Mac users. If you are communicating using this application your information is protected across all the devices. It encrypts all the messages on your device in a way that can be only accessed by a passcode.

Apple has claimed that there is no way to decrypt your messages that are sent or received via iMessages and FaceTime. Also, they have explained how secure iMessage really is.

Signal Private Messenger


This messaging app has also made its place in the most secure encrypted messaging apps and has a long history which we will try to summarize for you. Whisper Systems designed Signal as a descendant to two separate apps devoted to encrypted texting and encrypted voice calling.

Encryption was always the main goal of the company’s products. When twitter updated in 2011, the goal was to enhance the security of micro-blogging policies.

The company continuously made efforts and launched Open Whisper Systems which is an open source and a collaborative project. Signal was also designed in the same context and it is also an open source.

Prominent figures of cyber security and privacy such as Edward Snowden and Bruce Schneier use Signal. The only reason behind the success of this app is that all communications are end-to-end encrypted.

Cyber Dust

Cyber Dust

The features of this app may make you think about Snapchat. It is a slightly different encrypted messaging app that offers end-to-end encryption as their major privacy and security goal.

Cyber Dust allows you to send and receive text messages, stickers, links, images, videos and much more. It basically allows you to communicate independently.

No one can take a screenshot of your messages, also the message gets disappear when you read, but if you are willing to store the messages then you can enable the option.

Actually, Cyber Dust is a platform which enhances your security and privacy. Business Insider, Financial Times, Forbes and Inc, are using this app on daily basis.

Chat Secure

Chat Secure

If you are a project manager in the organization having the ability to handle the technical stuff then the Chat Secure app is good. It’s an open source encrypted chat app that can be installed on both android and iPhone.

Chat Secure was developed by a global team of software developers, advocates, activists, designers and trainers who made effort to create mobile security software and operating system enhancements. This team is called the Guardian Project.

The app has two procedures that make the best encrypted messaging app one is called off-the-Record Messaging and second the Extensible Messaging Presence Protocol. These features ensure the security and privacy of your communications. This app is particularly used by the journalist when they are investigating about stories to keep their sources hidden. However, everyone can use this app because of its free version.


threemaIn the beginning the inventors named it as “EEEMA” which was abbreviated as “End-to-End Encrypted Messaging Application” but the three ‘Es’ looked onerous so it was modified as “Threema”.

It has end-to-end encryption not only for messages but also media files, group chats, and status updates are fully secured. The app creators also claim that the app deletes the messages from their servers as soon as they are sent and received.

The inventors belong to an independent company in Switzerland. It is a paid app that cost 2,99 EUR, it had 3.5 million users by 2015.



Cyphr is the only messaging app which is highly rated by security experts because of its two major advantages, user-friendly and encrypts the messaging data. It is made by Golden Frog a company that has its own VPN product. So indeed they may know more about privacy and security.



With the passage of time innovation in technology has changed the dynamics of security and privacy. The brilliant example is encryption, in the beginning, it was limited for few purposes but now it has evolved into every single network device.

We have gathered the most secure encrypted messaging apps that are used by the known figures of the security industry as well as many prominent personalities. The encrypted messaging app is the most relevant choice if you are looking for improving your messaging security.


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