Online Privacy Guide – Methods for Anonymity

November 28, 2018 by Yusra Aziz

Online Privacy is a point that develops in significance each and every year. With more internet providers, connected applications, and even home right-hand gadgets that are picking up in prominence, it’s presently more critical than any time in recent memory to comprehend what the risks to your Online Security are and how to ensure it intentionally.

Privacy is more essential than any other time in recent history. The Internet might be the best thing since cut bread, yet as we come to depend on it more in our everyday life we potentially present our information to aggressors. In the most recent years, we have seen two major developments unfold in the United States, Australia, and Europe:

Development of corporate surveillance – Internet specialist organizations (ISPs) is currently the enemy of their clients. ISPs are lawfully recording the online activities of everybody in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States (where information can also be sold to outsiders and promoters).

Moving back web security protections – While there are a few exemptions to the pattern, there is as of now a vast scale push to move back all controls that ensure online security and keep the web free and open. We are seeing this in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, and a couple of other European nations.

Yet, there is some better news.

There are powerful configurations and solutions available to enable you to reestablish your Online Privacy and ensure yourself at whatever point you go on the web. Anyone can execute the straightforward methods in this guide. You don’t need to be a tech geek, simply follow the steps underneath.

Mass Surveillance

Mass surveillance is the indiscriminate monitoring of significant component of a group or population. It involves a system of interference in the privacy of people. Any system which is able to generate and collect data about the individuals without attempting to limit the data set to target the individuals who are well-defined is a form of mass surveillance.

The methods of mass surveillance are now capable of generating, collecting and processing the information about a large population, mostly without any concern to whether they are detected of illegal behavior. The governments and law enforcement agencies are now able to virtually look into all aspects of our daily online activities.

Mass Surveillance Program Around the World

Metadata Retention

Metadata retention is the collection of data regarding your location, call duration, to whom are you talking and how often do you talk. This data can reveal much about you and can exploit your online privacy. One of the drawbacks is that encryption cannot block it.

For example, messaging services that are secured with an end-to-end encryption include Whatsapp. Somehow your communications become protected with such services however, applications such as Facebook can reveal a lot of private information like who are you talking to, how often do you message this person, the duration of your talk and many more things. These details can disclose a big amount of information about your personal life.

Technologies such as VPN and TOR can make the collection of metadata difficult. For example, if a person who has installed VPN, his information cannot be collected by ISPs. All your browsing history gets anonymous.

However, the thing to remember is VPN that keep the metadata retention limited. Hence, it becomes necessary to stay quite vigilant when you are making a choice of VPN. Also, keep in mind that mobile apps you install, evade VPN that you are using and connect your device directly to the publisher’s servers.

Mandatory Data Retention Worldwide

Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance

The archives that were uncovered by Edward Snowden in 2013 demonstrated that Five states have been associated with seeing the each other’s countrymen and offer the accumulated points of interest with each other keeping in mind the end goal to sidestep prohibitive household controls on citizen’s surveillance.

The Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance is an undercover coalition and observation game plan of nations globally which incorporate the United States National Security Agency (NSA), Canada’s Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC), the United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) and the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD).

The agreement states that interception, accumulation, investigation, securing, and encryption practiced by the individual nation inside their domain and all insight data are shared as a matter of course.

Under these cases, Online Privacy of internet users is under red-radar. The extent of the understanding is wide and mutually run operation focuses are built up under the assertion where agents from various insight offices of the states from the Five Eyes work nearby each other.

5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, 14 Eyes Intelligence Alliance

A few experts of insight group in spite of the exposures of Snowden trust that nothing can influence the coalition of the Five Eyes and which is viewed as a standout amongst the most extensive known knowledge cooperations ever.

What is Encryption?

Online Privacy owes a lot of thanks to encryption. The transformation of electronic data into a disfigured format (Cipher-text) is called encryption. This type of text is completely absurd by any official individual which means parties having authority can decode and read it. Therefore, it demands a unique key for a device or an individual to decipher it into its original form.
The sole purpose of applying encryption is to ensure security and privacy of the confidential data stored on your device whenever it is transmitted through the internet or any other network. New encryption techniques involve integrity, authentication and non-repudiation which make them an integral tool in the assurance of privacy of communications and IT systems.

Three most popular methods of encryption:

  1. Public Key Encryption
  2. Private Key Encryption
  3. AES Encryption

Virtual Private Networks

Your connection on the internet is unprotected by anything. It’s simply your PC asking for a site (or an administration, or a tweet, and so on.) and after that the server giving that site to you. Your Online Privacy elevates to a mountainous level when you engage your connection with a VPN.

What’s hazardous from an online protection perspective here is that such a connection is open, can be blocked, and each server helping on with the connection en route can bring a look into what’s being transmitted. On the off chance that it’s a delicate email (or anything to that nature) at that point you truly don’t need that.

This is the place a VPN becomes possibly the most important factor. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that enables you to connect with the web securely by directing your connection through a VPN server before it reaches its original destination.

What a VPN really does is encoding the connection so that regardless of whether somebody blocks it, the data inside will be encrypted. Truth be told, no interfering party will have the capacity to figure out where the connection is originating from or what it is about, in this way giving you enhanced online protection.

Despite the fact that the idea may appear to be confused and scaring in the first place, present day VPNs are in reality simple to utilize and don’t require any specialized aptitudes like server arrangement or steering. You should actually introduce your VPN of decision and empower it with a single click.

Proxy Servers

A proxy or ‘Proxy Server’ is a server that goes about as a go-between the web server and the site to be gotten to. This is another method through which internet users enhance their Online Privacy. It works by interfacing through one of these servers, your PC sends your demand to the middle server which by then makes your demand and returns your requested site.

proxy servers explained

It additionally has an indistinguishable reason and focal points from that of a VPN. Sharing connections on a LAN, getting to limited sites and private browsing are a few points of interest to note.

How VPN Is Not Quite Same As Proxy?

Presently, the real issue emerges. On the off chance that them two are utilized for a similar reason and have fundamentally the same functionalities, why are they alluded to as two distinct things? Since they are differentiating when their specific viewpoints are looked at. Those perspectives are online security and protection, web freedom, speed boosting, device compatibility, stability and reliability.

Difference Between VPN – Proxy? (VPN vs Proxy Comparison)

Secure and Private Browsers for Safe Internet Activities

Feel endangered of your Online Privacy while searching on different browsers? Don’t worry, many others do. Internet clients must know about dangers originating from all edges, including hackers, noxious URLs, viruses and even government alliances. On the off chance that you utilize any old browser, your information may not be secure.

Here’s a gander at what you have to know to pick the most secure web browser.

Most Secure Web Browsers Endorsed for Anonymity

Staying Safe Over Public WiFi

Any individual’s Online Privacy is vulnerable to threats over a Public WiFi. As much as everybody cherishes those free Starbucks Wi-Fi hotspots, you ought to maybe be cautious around them. Rather, not maybe, but rather certainly.

Open Wi-Fi raises various online protection concerns:

  • You never know who’s running the hotspot, what the product is, the thing that the setup is, the thing that kind of data is being logged, et cetera.
  • Basically, anybody with a portable switch can make a system like that and afterward take the data of any individual who associates with it. Tune in to the main scene of Hackable – a podcast by McAfee to take in more about this (accessible on iTunes).

What would you be able to do?

  • Truly keep away from open Wi-Fi systems on the off chance that you need to play out any kind of touchy operation. Try not to get to your web based keeping money stages or whatever else where your protection is of most extreme significance.
  • In the event that you do utilize open Wi-Fi, likewise utilize a VPN. Do the DNS spill test accessible here to ensure that the association is secure.

Using Incognito Mode

Every single current version of web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera accompany an incognito mode. For a normal internet user, to observe his specific Online Privacy, incognito modes provide a perfect platform to do so.

private browsing mode

For instance, in Chrome, in the event that you press CMD+SHIFT+N (Mac) or CTRL+SHIFT+N (Win), you will open another tab in privacy mode. In that mode, the program doesn’t store any information whatsoever from the present session. This implies no web history, no web caches, no cookies, nothing by any means.

Utilize this mode at whatever point doing anything that you’d lean toward stay private and not ready to be recovered at a later date on the gadget that you’re using.

How To Activate Private Browsing Mode Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE

However! We should influence it to clear that protection modes don’t influence the connection more to secure in any capacity. They simply make it private in connection to your own particular gadget – meaning, they make it private on your end as it were.

Browser Extensions Renowned for Online Privacy

These days, when Internet client visits a site, a pop-up shows up with a non-applicable promotion to redirect your psyche and track your exercises to know the real client encounter. This has constrained clients to begin introducing the browsing expansions that square the fly up notice and totally encodes the site activity from being checked or followed.

Online Privacy is fortified here. The protected program additional items incorporate Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere, uBlock Origin and so on. These augmentations are perfect with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Best Browser Extensions to Protect Your Privacy

Encrypted Messaging Apps

Not all online correspondence is similarly secured or ensures your online protection enough. For instance, email in itself isn’t the most private type of correspondence because of all the association layers and distinctive servers that take an interest so as to get the email to its goal.

Utilizing arrangements like Facebook Messenger raises security concerns identified with those companies’ motivation and methods for taking care of client information. It wasn’t that long back when we found out about 32 million Twitter passwords getting hacked and spilled.

Thus, to make your Online Privacy efficient with regards to messaging, use end-to-end encrypted applications. Both WhatsApp and Viber utilize end-to-end encryption. They even accompany various versatile and work area applications. More than that, both applications likewise now empower voice calls, which introduces a significantly more secure option to exemplary telephone calls.

Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android and iOS

Private Search Engines

Your searches hold a ton of your Online Privacy. Because of its immense system and arrangement of instruments, Google knows fundamentally every little thing about you. Regardless of whether you’re alright with this from an online protection perspective is dependent upon you.

With regards to the principle web index, DuckDuckGo is an elective worth considering, or notwithstanding Bing (however then we’re back in camp Microsoft).

Best Private Search Engines

Use Secure E-Mail

Email administrations gives substantial number of HTTPS association. An email can uncover much data about you on the off chance that it gets hacked or assaulted. The best answer for email security is end-to-end encryption. For this, the sender encrypts the email and the beneficiary has the ability to decode it. In any case, a noteworthy disadvantage of encryption of email providers is that both sender and collector must have encryption. It isn’t a one-sided framework.

In any case, there are still things that can enhance your Online Privacy. For one thing, you can state farewell to free email arrangements like Gmail and rather decide a top notch one. One of the feasible choices in that domain is ProtonMail.


Now you would have realized how much endangered your privacy protection is. Establishing a complete privacy is hard but it is not something impossible. Privacy is a valuable but threatened property. By implementing the ideas covered in this guide, you will able to protect your own privacy and give an important contribution to saving it for everyone.

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