Best Tor Alternatives Identified for Safe Browsing


Tor (The Onion Router) is an anonymity tool that provides encryption to the browsing history and data by routing the traffic through various private servers. This makes it really hard for a middle man to snoop into any one’s highly sensitive data. Therefore, it’s a popular tool for the Whistleblowers such as journalists and reporters to address a sensitive issue anonymously which could be troublesome if exposed.

However, two years ago Tor faced a setback when FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) successfully hacked it and disrupted its operations. Moreover, some countries have also blocked the access of Tor network. In such conditions, the internet users started eyeing for the best Tor alternatives to continue their secure browsing experience.

10 – Best Tor Alternatives

These alternatives provide the access to the deep internet with complete anonymity. For a common user it’s difficult to find the right alternative of Tor, therefore a research process conducted to discover the best Tor alternatives that can provide access to content with comprehensive privacy:


Epic is a private browser that is simple and user-friendly; it varies your network speed and provides with complete privacy. Epic blocks the leakage of your IP address by certain WebRTC.

It has an encrypted proxy that hides your data from internet service provider (ISP). This encrypted proxy also keeps you secure on the public network. Epic displays the data trackers who are tracking you and allows you to block them.

No other extension offers the blocking of fingerprinting scripts and functions (like image canvas data) except Epic. It has built-in protection against tracking scripts, tracking cookies and other third party widgets, ad networks and tracking agents.


Globus is another Tor alternative because this browser uses VPN servers for keeping your communications unknown. Your traffic gets hidden which makes third party tracker fail in tracking your activities.

Globus browser also gives protection against the malware using the Tor browser. A hacker often uses malware to get into your system. Also, it protects you against all the malware. By using the Tor software it also helps in unblocking websites.

It provides premium online anonymity and security. It’s on the user to select the location of VPN server. This software is also compatible with many operating systems.


It is a live operating system which is considered as the best Tor alternative. Tails can be started on any device using a USB stick or a DVD. It consists of built-in pre-configured apps which allow you to use the web browser, editors for the image, IM client, office suite, and sound etc.

The main purpose of Tails is to preserve user’s privacy and anonymity. Using this web browser, users can surf the internet anonymously and can also bypass censorship. It absolutely finishes any trace on the computer that you used. Using cryptographic tools it’s able to encrypt your files, emails, and even instant messages.


This is the best Tor alternative for those who want high-end security for their conversations with friends. It is a peer-to-peer instant messaging and video-calling protocol that enforces end-to-end encryption. The main goal of the software is to provide security of communication which is easily accessible.


Yandex is yet another browser that can be used as an alternative for Tor. It automatically scans the internet for malware and gives you protection from different kinds of malware disregarding the website you visit.

It is also capable of blocking the fraudulent websites it protects your passwords, credit card details and makes your online payments safer. Yandex browser blocks third parties from tracking your location and behavior during browsing.

The feature that makes it finest Tor alternative is the anonymity; it hides your real IP address and uses DNSCrypt technology that encrypts the Domain Name System traffic. Yet, this option needs to be enabled from the browser settings.


It is the leading Tor alternative, use peer-to-peer platform for censorship resistant communication and publishing. This Tor alternative uses P2P technology for sending and storing the information, it has separate protocols for user interaction and network structure.

Freenet offers two kinds of security, Darknet, and OpenNet. The OpenNet allows the user to haphazardly connect with other users and DarkNet allows the users to connect solely with the users with whom they have changed the public keys in the past.

This browser lacks central server which makes it difficult to hack their system. Before sorting and storing the data, it is encrypted so that it becomes impossible for the hackers to exploit.


It is also called Invisible Internet Project. A complete anonymous network in which applications can be used to send messages anonymously and securely. This is a network within a network which provides protection from the tracking of third parties such as ISPs. The thing that makes I2P the best Tor alternative is the reliability.

It uses end-to-end encryption that makes the communication secured on this network. Messages sent using this network is covered in four layers of encryption. Not only this, even the end points are cryptographic identifiers

This network uses TCP/IP and UDP sessions to create layers which make your data anonymous and protected.

The major goal of I2P is to prevent attacks from mounting. The most common users of I2P are journalists, oppressed people, whistleblowers, activists as well as average people who are concerned about their privacy.


Freepto is an excellent Tor alternative that hides your identity during online browsing. It makes tracking you difficult for the trackers. It is encrypted and ships with a software that is tuned for providing high security.

Freepto is the best browser for the activists who want to skip government surveillance. It is software that is saved on the USB stick which means it is portable and can run on any computer. It automatically encrypts the data stored on the USB disk.

Subgraph OS

Subgraph OS is designed in such a way that it stands against the malware attacks and network-borne exploit. This Tor alternative has strong attack mitigations that give protection to the applications and the core operating system.

In order to reduce the effect of attacks, the successful applications are run in the sandbox environment. It includes kernel hardened security which protects against the attacks. Subgraph OS also has an application firewall which detects and notifies the user to any unexpected outbound connections by applications.

Subgraph OS majority custom code is written in Golang which is a memory safe language. It has built-in Tor integration that allows sensitive applications to communicate over the Tor network. This operating system is shipped with the most secure IM client and email client that support PGP and Tor.

Ipredia OS

This web browser is best Tor alternative for the Linux users as most browsers will not allow you to access the deep web. It is a stable and powerful operating system which encrypts and anonymizes all your network traffic.

It is an anonymising network which uses a layer that provides security to the identity-sensitive applications during communication. Data is encrypted with several layers of encryption which provides the best security from the trackers and hackers.

IprediaOS offers I2P router, anonymous IRC client, anonymous email client, anonymous BitTorrent client and you can also find anonymous (i2p sites).


Tor was definitely the perfect browser for anonymous searching until it got hacked. The best Tor alternatives were the need that allowed browsing the internet anonymously. These alternatives not only block the tracking done by ISP and third parties but also give you protection against the malware.


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