Best PeerBlock Alternatives And Their Importance

I will be covering both aspects from this topic, whether it’s Torrenting or others because 90% of people use PeerBlock for downloading torrents from an authentic source. The game of PeerBlock ends a while ago when ISPs took strict action against downloaders.

Now, blacklisted IP’s isn’t a bit concerned, everything available on the internet has its copyrights laws you will get you caught.

Peerblock alternatives might be a replacement of software for you but do the same thing. It would be best if you replaced Peerblock with VPN client, which will protect your torrents from prying eyes and encrypt the internet traffic.

Top reasons why PeerBlock is not reliable for Torrenting?

  • Manually maintained IP address restrictions can never be 100% correct.
  • Blocking huge amounts of IP addresses with no idea who they belong to can have negative effects on the performance of your internet connection.
  • It only blocks the IP addresses that you ask, also it does not do anything to hide your IP address.
  • It does not encrypt anything on your internet connection.

VPN as The Best PeerBlock Alternatives

You do not have to worry about how to protect your internet identity and privacy from prying eyes. Using a VPN as alternative to Peerblock will blow all of those problems away.

A VPN not only encrypts your traffic but masks your real IP address with that of the server that you have selected. If a surveillance agencies tries to track you activities, it won’t find any traces except encrypted data and a different physical location.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is an excellent choice as an alternative to Peerblock. Its features are too advanced to be compared with Peerblock and essentially throws it out of comparison. ExpressVPN permits the torrenting with complete security and anonymity.

Not only that ExpressVPN prioritizes strict no-logging policy. This means that whatever activity you commit online, will remain anonymous. It is a must-have feature in a Peerblock Alternative. That’s only the tip of the iceberg, It offers highly-professional customer support to its users.

2. NordVPN

Among Peerblock Alternatives, there’s NordVPN. It has a unique and advanced way of protecting users’ privacy and security. “Double-Data Protection” encrypts your routed traffic, not once but twice which makes it immune to threats and prying eyes.

Peerblock was intended to protect you from unwanted blacklisted organizations tracking you, but it failed in that. NordVPN is the most popular alternative to Peerblock and vows to protect your identity, helps you to download through BitTorrent client.

3. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is the community’s favorite VPN when it comes to anonymity. Its features are what declares PIA VPN as one of the best Peerblock alternatives that include kill-switch, fast internet speeds, military-grade encryption and much more

Moreover, Private Internet Access VPN is endorsed as an alternative to Peerblock because it is affordable and has an easy-to-use interface as compared to other alternatives. You can install and run PIA on multiple devices on a single time.

These VPNs consist of all the most advanced feature you need to hide from monitoring organizations and mass surveillance programs and will also serve as an alternative to Peerblock. Look no further, choose any of the VPNs stated above and perform your favorite task without an ease.

What Is PeerBlock?

PeerBlock mechanism is like a firewall for the computer system but it works on securing the incoming and outgoing connections through the internet. It has a feature that allows the user to block incoming connections into your network. Consumers of torrenting are known to use Peerblock to secure their internet connection from unwarranted intervention.

The main purpose of Peerblock is to block all the IP addresses of the organizations that monitor your activities. That includes government agencies, copyright holders, and other firms that can serve as a threat to torrenting and network connection. By blocking the IP addresses you can indulge in safe torrenting with more privacy and anonymity.

Peerblock software’s user interface is not easy to navigate around. It is also quite difficult to configure which allows Peerblock alternatives to get the upper hand. Trying to block all the potentially dangerous IP addresses is almost to impossible.

How does ‘PeerBlock’ Work?

Upon downloading and installing Peerblock. You are given the feature to add IP addresses to restrict them from entering or exiting your network. Consider it as a feature that allows you to filter all the incoming and outgoing connections.

People often get confused that Peerblock works perfectly when it comes to securing your privacy. You can not block all the IP addresses related to different security organizations and copyright holders.

Without making amends to the list, you are always insecure and most likely to be caught. Which ultimately leads to choosing an alternative to Peerblock as the Peerblock does not come with an IP list when you download it.

You need to bought a separate list of IP’s from a website known as The website contains the list of IP addresses of different monitoring organizations which includes government agencies, shady websites and copyright holders. If you want to add more lists to the restricted section, you have to buy more lists.

Free PeerBlock Alternatives And Their Importance

There are many different applications and programs which let you customize to your own need. The alternative to Peerblock application utilizes the same functionality of their big brother.

These programs are the best Peerblock alternatives available in the market. Each with their own unique features that make them stand out with one another. Read about them and protect yourself online.

1. Simplewall

Simplewall is considered as one of the best Peerblock alternative, which can be used to filter network for incoming and outgoing connections. It also is capable of monitoring network activity. The program has a simple to use application. The interface is considered to be easier to configure as compared to Peerblock. Upon installation, it disables the default windows spy features.

Simplewall gives the user the ability to create their own custom list of blocked IP addresses. It also enables to implement user-specific rules for example when to block them etc.

The program has support for IPv4 and Ipv6 as well which qualifies Simplewall as the alternative of Peerblock currently operating in the market.

2. PeerGuardian

Peerblock served as the more refined and more advanced version of PeerGuardian. If for some reason you do not like how Peerblock works, you can always downgrade to the original IP blocking software PeerGuardian as an alternative. This program also allows the user to add huge lists of IP addresses that can be restricted to prevent them from communicating with the computer system.

Linux version of the application PeerGuardian is still actively supported with, different updates to keep up with the evolution of the internet. Windows variant of the application is however not receiving any support or updates. Despite these facts, the program still performs the designated job perfectly.

3. BeeThink IP Blocker

Beethink IP blocker Firewall serves its purpose as another Peerblock alternatives. Its versatility and flexibility as a program qualifies it to be a part of the list. It can not only work on windows machines but can also be used on servers as well, when using on a server you can block IP addresses from a single source, without the need of manually blocking IP addresses per device.

This beast of a program packs a lot of features some of them are Custom black and white list, multiple IP formats that include Apache’s .htaccess. It makes it the all-rounder application that serves every purpose related to Peerblock.

Other than that the application includes a fairly unique feature that allows the user to lookup remote IP addresses and can also view ownership information such as name and other identifiable information. This feature, however, is not free to use and requires a bit of change in order to utilize its power.

4. IPlist

Iplist serves as the fourth Peerblock alternative on our list. Windows and other platform users this is a no-go area for you since this software is only compatible with Linux operating systems. Furthermore, this software utilizes Netfilter to filter out the incoming and outgoing connection to the device.

IPlist works nearly the same as Peerblock which qualifies it to be in the list of the alternatives to Peerblock. Since the release of IPlist in 2008, it has received so many updates, compared to both PeerGuardian and Peerblock, which assures the user that the support for this software is still working to improve the user experience.

Is PeerBlock Reliable for Torrenting?

Peerblock is not reliable for the purpose of Torrenting. It does not serve as a medium to secure privacy and identity which makes it fundamentally flawed since a hundred percent secure privacy is the number one priority when one is utilizing the torrent service.

Therefore, it does not qualify to be able to use for the sole purpose of torrenting. There are many advanced Peerblock alternatives for you are available on the internet to solve the problem. If not, you can use Peerblock at your own risk. If you think that Peerblock keeps you safe while torrenting, you are wrong and you need to change your mind fast.

Torrenting is a whole other topic with vast technical terms. The common thing between Peerblock and Torrenting is that they both require security and privacy while using the service. VPN also serves as one of the best Peerblock alternatives to use alongside BitTorrent client to stay safe and secure.

Is PeerBlock a VPN?

Do not confuse Peerblock with a VPN. Peerblock and VPNs are two different software with different functionalities. People use VPN to ensure security and protect their privacy while utilizing the torrenting service and browsing the internet.

Not only that, VPN serves different tasks to ensure security, whereas Peerblock is only a firewall which blocks and unblocks incoming and outgoing connections to the computer system. VPN just outweighs Peerblock in various ways that is why it is considered as the alternatives.

VPN or PeerBlock?

Peerblock served a great purpose in the past when internet security and privacy issues were not a problem. By the addition of internet security vulnerabilities and high risks, people are starting to question the integrity of Peerblock and how it protects the user’s computer system.

As VPN is one of the best Peerblock alternatives available, it should be your number one priority. VPNs are equipped with more advanced features so it should be your perfect choice as an alternate.

Peerblock Alternative Reddit

According to users on Reddit, There was a heated debate on how Peerblock works and does it offer some kind of protection to its users. The answer is No, Peerblock is not a reliable source of anonymity when an individual performs torrenting activities.

The subreddit of Peerblock alternative included how Peerblock worked and how an individual user got his internet service banned and had to renew it just because he wasn’t using the proper security required during Torrenting. The proof is in front of you, now you have to decide whether you want to risk it or play it safe.

This subreddit is an Eye-opener for people who still believe that Peerblock is a reliable security measure. In my opinion, without using an alternative to Peerblock, you are immune to threats by agencies and copyright holders that may strip you for every bit of cash you own.


If you still use Peerblock and consider yourself safe, I’m sorry to inform you but you’re living in an illusion. You are not safe, you were never safe from threats while using Peerblock. It’s about time you wake up and look for other alternatives that provide better features and options regarding internet security and privacy. I would suggest using a VPN as an alternative to Peerblock.

If you still opt for Peerblock, it’s still your decision. VPN is the finest Peerblock alternative in 2019. Choosing between the two depends totally on the kind of work that you are doing. In my opinion, I would rather have full-fledged security on my side in the form of a VPN instead of Peerblock.

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