Best Private Search Engines To Remain Anonymous

Search engines are one of the greatest innovations in the internet world. They provide you with the information you need within a matter of seconds. They are coded programs which make them an open door for cyber attacks. You need to use an anonymous search engine if you keep your privacy close.

The search engines entitled as popular in this age aren’t privacy-friendly about you. The reason behind this is that they keep logs of their user’s history, preferences, metadata and time spent. Surely, an anonymity conscious person would not want anyone to hold that authority.

The best private search engines were introduced to provide a platform through which a user can have the information securely. An internet user enters the query over the anonymous search bar without having a fear of being tracked. These search engines don’t maintain the history of users and neither do they keep logs.

Why Is There a Need of Private Search Engines?

Search engines know a lot about their users which includes cookies, history, and predictive results are some examples of how much a search engine knows about its users. By knowing your preferences, it’s not a tough job for a search engine to deduce your personality and get to know your likes and dislikes.

Why would you want anyone to stalk your search queries? In this era, secrecy has its own worth. To provide you with an anonymous environment, a private search engine will come to your aid. With its help, your metadata, location, and preferences are never disclosed on the web.

12 Best Private Search Engines That Don’t Track You

These search engines make the data secure from leaking to third parties and you do not come under the radar of hackers and data snoopers. We have listed the best private search engines for those users who are a bit paranoid about their online presence.

1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a torchbearer among the private search engines that implement isolation from data spilling or hacking. It is used widely to provide an anonymous browsing. An internet user can easily get the results without being disturbed by ads. DuckDuckGo servers have some amazing features which can be more attractive to internet users.

DuckDuckGo ensures high-end privacy over the internet history. It provides free space to store data in the cloud and functionality on various machines. Also, it allows the users to change the ‘settings’ of the location which disables the tracking of internet connection.

2. BitClave

Bitclave is another addition in the category of anonymous search engine developed with blockchain with one purpose only, which you know already! To safeguard your online activity. This is a decentralized search engine which gives users the availability to choose which information they can give to their advertisers.

Man-in-the-middle attacks are impossible since you communicate directly with the advertiser. In short, your anonymity is precious to them and they provide you with a friendly user interface. Secure, safe and friendly, Bitclave all the way!

3. StartPage

The StartPage is not simple like its name, it is considered as the best private search engine, which indexes anonymous results. A StartPage displays an interface which takes the input and shows the results. Now, what is the coherence on the backend to make you or your data safe?

StartPage functions by taking the input but doesn’t use your real IP address for collecting the data. It changes the address while searching because no-one can approach the user for the browsing history.

4. Wolfram|Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a pioneer in the category of private search engines which facilitates the user with authentic results. It includes some categories related to calculations, algorithms, techniques. It takes the appropriate input, searches the result from these categories and makes the user satisfaction by providing authentic information.

Although, the Wolfram Alpha entrusts the internet users by keeping their statistics secure by the third force, who are struggling to consequence the systematic results. To avoid this violation, Wolfram Alpha is being used as it blocks the unauthorized access.

5. Hulbee

Hulbee is an anonymous search engine that along with keeping no tracks, doesn’t bother with a user’s location. It is efficient and does not keep analysis of their visitor’s activity. Furthermore, even after keeping no tracks, it allows a user to delete their online activity.

Furthermore, even after keeping no tracks, it allows a user to delete their internet activities. This helps in keeping no trace of a search result whatsoever. This feature is best to look for in a search engine as compared to the others. An addition to its awesomeness is that users can select a location of their preference for online searches.

6. Qwant

Qwant is a premium private search engine located in France. It began operations in 2013 and since it is in the boundary of Europe, it follows strict GDPR compliances. The search engine states on it’s about page that it has no interest in targeting users with ads according to their searches.

It vows to protect the privacy of its users. Qwant offers a shelter from the jurisdiction of five and nine eye alliances and its necessary. Don’t compromise your privacy over mass surveillance. Therefore, if you are about to begin your online search private from prying eyes, install Qwant and enjoy!

7. Search Encrypt

Like most of the anonymous search engines described, Search Encrypt does not track the queries a user makes. This search engine uses SSL encryption and meets the top eligibility criteria for security purposes.

When you complete a session, the previous sessions are automatically deleted thus, no traces are left behind. Even your device cannot intercept with the searches you make. Search Encrypt’s unique feature that makes it as the best search engine is how it provides a secure platform.

It keeps privacy as its foremost task and does not create a profile of yours. This feature is a must-have in this digital age as its rare for a search engine to make an imaginable profile in which your information is placed. To keep you completely anonymous for online searches is why Search Encrypt exists.

8. Oscobo

The Oscobo was developed with the sole purpose, to protect a user’s anonymity while searching. Oscobo is entitled to be the best private search engine because of its capacity to not track a user’s information, unlike popular search engines. As stated before, it doesn’t track and neither does it store logs of information.

Another good use for privacy seekers is that Oscobo doesn’t allow a third party to take control of, or to misuse client data. This search engine entirely encrypts search queries and nobody can intercept with them. No third party, no trackers, what’re you waiting for?

9. Yippy

This best anonymous search engine holds a user’s privacy at the top of its priority. One specialty of a Yippy search engine is to discard the results which are deemed as inappropriate. On Yippy, you can modify content according to your wishes under the name of news, trending etc.

Yippy comes in handy when you are looking to evade ISP and government monitoring. Thus, if you are searching for records not retrieved by regular search engines, try Yippy. To search restricted content on the World Wide Web, Yippy is your go!

10. Gigablast

Gigablast ranks more than billions of websites/webpages and facilitates you with immediate information. It does not track your online presence and is recognized as the best private search engine among the big players.

This search engine provides extra features and customization. They help a user in phrase searching, differentiating among file extensions and results in various languages. Gigablast gives you totally anonymous search from advertisers and spam throwers.

11. Disconnect Search

The disconnect is a private search engine helps you to disassociate from those websites or interfaces that have the right to track your footprints. Basically, it tracks those information seeker sites which can be harmful to those who are scared of sharing their personal information.

Disconnect first takes the query and shows you to the results which you want and simultaneously displays you the side messages. The description is displayed of those web pages that are intended to maintain your records and on particular instance separates you out of these webs that have a risk to store records.

12. MetaGer

MetaGer enables you to make private searches with no logs of queries made. No traces are left behind and it also joins in with a proxy server thus, you can open links privately. This anonymous search engine helps you to keep your IP address concealed from the websites you log on to. Neither your keywords are tracked.

Advertisers and third-party affiliates do not bother with your online presence. Ads do not interfere with your surfing experience and you are protected from cyber-attacks. There’s just one drawback which is that the default language is German.

Final Words

There’s a need of best private search engines in the age we breathe. Almost every popular search engine keeps a track of your online presence and you wouldn’t want that. Advertisers, spammers, in the midst of all the cyber-attacks going on around the internet, you ought to get rid of them.

The unique features of anonymous search engines have been opened up to you. Test each search engine out and you will have no doubt that your online activity might get interfered. Your online queries won’t be tracked nor stored thus, redefining private search for you. Happy private searching everyone!

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