Best VPN for Torrenting – P2P File Sharing 2020

In recent times, all developed countries have approved the copyright laws which empowers the ISPs and surveillance agencies to defend the certified identity of a document or file. But still, the increase in internet users for this purpose is not in control of the government.

Torrenting is the place where numerous clients share little bits of a more significant document to empower some conceivably quick download speeds. Furthermore, the torrent download has additionally implied a rise in the prominence of VPN downloads.

The immense number of Internet users are applying the best VPN for torrenting to enhance their online security with data protection. Numerous VPNs are existing to take care of this request, but internet users are in confusion to decide the reliable VPN.

A Torrent VPN encrypts your network and leaves the intruder in a mystery. Hence, if any hacker breaks into your channel, he will see only ciphered codes meaningless to him. In this way, a VPN conceals your identity when you are using BitTorrent to download stuff.

Best VPN for Torrenting – P2P File Sharing – 2020

1NordVPN$3.99 – Per month66% Off
2ExpressVPN$8.33 – Per month35% Off
3PureVPN$3.54 – Per month68% Off
4PIA VPN$3.33 – Per month12% Off

Why There’s a Need to use VPN for Torrenting?

The best VPN for torrenting not just secures your online identity from ISPs and surveillance but it gives you anonymity over the download of many torrent files. That saves your connection from leaking information to hackers while using a P2P network.

When you connect your computer with P2P file sharing it generates thousands of nodes which gives a clear path for data snoopers to gain the access and controls the sensitive information. With the best VPN for the torrent, data becomes encrypted, and hackers are unable to locate the required system from their end.

A surprising fact related to torrenting is the number of users who indulge with it. One billion users download torrents daily comprising of 10% of UK’s population, Australia’s 4.6% while the USA holds the lion’s share of 35% regularly. In light of this fact, a VPN is a must to use.

How To Choose The Best VPN for Torrenting?

A torrent VPN is judged upon some factors. One must keep this fact in mind that all VPNs are not the same. Very few of them care about their clients’ privacy when they are doing something like torrenting. Most VPNs do not allow torrenting on their interface so read a provider’s policies.

There are three requirements the best VPN for torrenting should meet. These must be looked at by an individual who wishes to renovate his online experience on the internet. They are:-

  • What speed does the VPN service provide?
  • Does it have a no-logging policy?
  • Is P2P file sharing allowed on the network?

After your chosen VPN fulfills these requirements, you are ready to begin torrenting. Step aside from your worries that copyright trolls will target you since your IP will be encrypted. With your activities covered, no one can keep a prying eye on you when you share files over P2P.

3 Best VPN for Torrenting & P2P in 2020 (Tested)

We have compiled selected VPNs that provide you with a satisfying sense of security. These best VPN for torrent meet all the prerequisites to safeguard an individual’s privacy while he/she is on the internet. The following will aid you whenever you come across with the idea of secure file sharing.

1. NordVPN – Perfect for Anonymous Torrenting

NordVPN is a Panama-based VPN, was developed in 2012 by a group of four members. It is listed among the best VPN for torrenting as it provides efficient protection from copyright violations and evades the blockage of torrent sites. NordVPN secures internet traffic from the reach of surveillance by passing it through P2P Servers.


NordVPN hides the location of an individual connected to the internet through its VPN client. It assigns shared IP addresses and converts the data into chipper text using AES Algorithm. It provides anonymity by taking the data into different stages of encryption. This makes the information safe from hackers and reaches the actual source of logs.

NordVPN enhances the internet by double-hop servers. The mechanism changes the IP address and routes the traffic to a particular website. This is an unstoppable action of torrent VPN to secure the operations of the internet. NordVPN servers encrypt the data and send filtered traffic to the Tor server which conveyed to the internet.

2. ExpressVPN – Fast for Torrenting & P2P

ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgins Island with its servers spread across over 90 countries. This makes ExpressVPN one of the top VPNs for torrenting because it never compromises on speed. This is a bonus for the ones who wish to download files using P2P networks.


ExpressVPN takes care that it offers an internet kill switch. It ensures encryption along with the most reliable protocols available for VPNs. Neither are activity logs kept, nor connection logs. Customer support is available for the clients via chat and E-mail.

An extra think which makes them a feasible VPN for torrenting is their 24/7 chatbots and the fast speed their servers possess. ExpressVPN may be a bit costly, but it maintains your online anonymity with secure internet. There’s even a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t find things favoring in your way.

3. PIA VPN – Choice of BitTorrent Users

Private Internet Access is a VPN that is available in 30+ countries. It had more than 3500+ servers and committed for torrenting.

PIA doesn’t bargain with privacy and offers 256-bit encryption with channeling protocols that safeguard your torrenting activities.


PIA’s headquarter place in the USA, and still, they have stated, if government officials demanded to submit customer’s logging history, we would close our operations. It means that PIA VPN is no interest in keeping the logs.

PIA VPN is of just $3 per month, economical than most VPNs out there. Additionally, PIA supports P2P network and has no limits with regards to torrenting.

Is Torrenting Safe with VPN?

You come under the radar when your DNS or IP address leaks your internet actions to unauthorized entities. This is where using a VPN for torrenting is crucial as it operates with an Internet Kill Switch. It blocks the internet traffic from being leaked to surveillance agencies, ISPs, and hackers until your connection gets reorganized.

Paid VPN services of torrenting are authentic as compared to their free counterparts. When you install a VPN to accomplish the drive of anonymized connection, you will come across a lot of benefits which you might not find in many others.

These are some of the main points which ensures that a VPN will be good for torrenting:

  • Successful peer-to-peer downloads.
  • Access geo-restricted torrent sites.
  • Protection from ISPs and surveillance agencies.
  • An additional layer of security with encryption.

Rest assured, when you are using the best VPN for torrenting your data will never be compromised. However, if you are still feeling paranoid, you can access popular websites to download torrent with a VPN. They function on a legal basis, and you can have almost everything from games to movies.

Copyright penalties in different countries for torrenting

Earlier, it was accessible for netizens to search for torrents without any hindrance. Now, the governments have started their surveillance over the pirated material covering the internet. The power of copyright holders and their influence has taken everyone under the radar.

USA – As per the DMCA, a copyright violator can incur himself in dangerous circumstances. Under the first offense, a victim can be charged with $50000 and 5 years of jail while violators who continuously indulge, can be charged with double the punishment.

Canada – Under 2014’s act by the name of Copyright Modernization Act, copyright violators are issued notices by their ISPs. If the copyright material isn’t commercialized, the victim doesn’t face any legal issues but is charge’s a penalty of $5000.

UK – The United Kingdom passed a bill by the name of “Digital Economy Act.” It stated that anyone indulging in copyright infringement could be imprisoned for the time being of more than 10 years.

Australia –  Torrent users should be wary of their online existence. The least fine imposed on a copyright violation can start from $2000. Moreover, popular torrent websites have blocked in their country. In such situations, a VPN for Australia should be your sole guardian.

Features to look in the best VPN for Torrent?

Following are the aspects torrent lovers must consider recognizing a VPN for torrenting over a network. These features ensure the convenience of P2P servers along with encrypted traffic. A general VPN offers numerous features and leave a non-specialist baffled when he opts for one.

Fast Speed

When you start to download a torrent of a movie or TV show through P2P file sharing it sends an invitation to ISP on the unexpected usage of bandwidth. The ISP suddenly starts throttling the internet connection which increases the actual period of a specific file.

In such conditions, it is recommended to use the best VPN for torrenting because it has offers dedicated VPN servers for torrenting which changes your original IP address and endlessly maintains your internet bandwidth and saves your time from consumption.

Logging Policy

The torrent VPN must be logless, which means it doesn’t record and spare data about your movement. This can mean execution details used to enhance the item or information. Another strategy to opt a VPN for torrenting is by checking whether its located outside the U.S because the country has a logging policy.

They consider what you’re taking a gander at and downloading, which is utilized to construct better highlights. In a perfect world, the supplier gathers no data and consequently can’t be hacked or pressured into surrendering data about clients.

Bandwidth Throttling

For torrent operators, bandwidth throttling is dreadful. You might’ve seen an instant fall in your internet speed after downloading files up to specific limits. Usually, VPN for torrent throttles bandwidth not to experience burden. This facilitates them by reducing costs down.

Thus, lesser downloading and low-quality streaming takes place. It’s your sole right to question your VPN whether it throttles your internet bandwidth or not. Bandwidth throttling will occur mostly when you are doing a specific activity.

Kill Switch

An internet kill switch is a strong characteristic provided by a certain number of best VPN for torrenting on the internet. It keeps track that a client’s IP address should not be exposed on the web if the VPN connection disconnects. To enhance protection, it instantly drops the internet connection when a VPN is mistakenly closed. This results in no data spilling.

If the kill switch is not enabled and your device itself connects to the internet. Thus, transferring your actual IP address and location. So, you are on the radar of hackers, ISPs, and surveillance agencies. A VPN provider with internet kill switch feature is significant for torrenting.

NAT Firewall

There are many best torrent VPN with built-in NAT firewall. They block connections from peers over a P2P Network and other untrusted interfaces. This stops torrents, which rely on P2P connections to function effectively.

You might have access to disable NAT firewall from the settings. If not, port forwarding will be a suitable option. The best VPN for torrenting assigns a unique port to be used for P2P traffic. Torrent users must design their BitTorrent client to have access to this port. The user will have to contact the customer support if the port is not on the VPN provider’s website.

Port Forwarding

Among torrent users, this is a controversial topic. Some say’s that Port forwarding improves their download speeds by giving access to torrent clients and connect with more peers. In argument, others say this is not necessary, and this undervalues user privacy.

P2P activity is more accessible to trace back to the single user, and the best VPN for torrenting do not allow that to happen. NAT Firewall even reduces download speed. This problem can be solved by enabling torrent traffic to route through a unique port in NAT Firewall.

VPNs that mention about Torrenting in their Policy

Surely, picking up the right VPN for torrenting that suits your online preferences is a strenuous job. A list that shows the policies for logging and torrenting of the VPNs described overhead. They can be considered the best since all of them impose a no logging policy and allow torrenting on their servers.

VPN ProvidersLogging PolicyTorrent Policy
ExpressVPNNo log policyAllowed
NordVPNNo log policyAllowed
PIA VPNNo log policyAllowed

Is it illegal to use a VPN for Torrenting?

Torrenting can be a dangerous activity in the United States. You’re generally in danger of getting into an issue with copyright controls, also hackers and viruses. That is, except if you utilize a VPN.

Numerous torrent sites have been shut down all over the globe to stop theft. This activity has come a long way from ceasing the illicit utilization of torrenting and using the best VPN for torrenting to ensure user’s privacy. This helps put clients at a more severe level of security.

Less respectable websites regularly have their spot. These destinations put clients in danger of viruses and malware that taint their frameworks and offer their information. Without the extra security and information assurance, torrenting is never again a sheltered movement in the world.

Which Torrent VPNs leaked their logs to third parties?

Some VPNs advertise that they offer no-logs policy, but the tests have confirmed that VPNs are leaking your data and IP address. According to an in-depth study of VPNs, 84% percent of the VPNs lack encryption and leak protection due to the lack of IPv6 support.

The mission of encryption and traffic leak protection can allow the harvesting of data by the surveillance agencies and ISP. Also, some VPN for torrenting that have lied about their no-logs policy and instead handed over the logs to agencies which include PureVPN and HideMyAss.

PureVPN was found handing the logs to the law enforcement over the cyber-stalking case while stating the no-logs policy. Similarly, HideMyAss helped the US agencies in tracking the hacker who was involved in “LulzSec fiasco” by handing over its logs to them, consequently getting him apprehended.

Check your VPN Torrent IP is leaking or Not?

Though some VPNs claim to safeguard your identity while torrenting, in most cases, they fail to do so. It means you are still in danger if you are using a P2P network with a so-called torrent VPN.

Under such circumstances, following are the steps you should do to check that your VPN is leaking your Torrent IP.

  1. Go to a reliable IP checking website, e.g., IP Magnet, is known for its precise results.
  2. Click on test magnet link and later click on “download” button.
  3. Now, open with your desired torrent client.
  4. Wait for a while, and you will be displayed your browser IP and torrent IP.
  5. Note down the IPs presented.

If you have done with the steps, will get an accurate picture of your torrent VPN. In case, you wish to improve your online experience, reach out for the best VPNs for torrenting circulating the internet. With them, you will be safe from the threats that hover online, from malware to spying bots.

Best VPN protocols that are reliable for Torrenting

VPN protocols are used to provide a secure atmosphere and furnish his/her online experience. The best VPNs utilize the protocols for torrenting to remains untouched by anybody on the web.

OpenVPN – A protocol that enables the customization to a virtual network. Therefore it’s an open-source for creating secure connection. This is the most adaptable protocol where torrenting is concerned. OpenVPN utilizes TLS and TCP/UDP protocols to ensure anonymity.

PPTP – It has become a suitable protocol since it ensures the security of virtual network through various other protocols. PPTP is preferred for torrenting. Moreover, it doesn’t affect your speed so utilize this protocol for P2P file sharing.

L2TP – It’s a tunneling protocol that furnishes anonymity to the paramount extent. It is convenient to set up and but does not utilize any encryption. Because of this reason, it is the least preferred VPN protocol and is used only in dire need.

Why avoid free VPN for Torrenting?

Free VPNs for torrenting are infamous because they store logs of their user’s online activity. Moreover, they utilize limited encryption which becomes a gateway for hackers and digital snoopers to lead cyber-attacks.

Moreover, free VPNs for torrent negotiates over your anonymity and collect the logs. It means, if you don’t buy the product, then you are the product. Thus, paid VPNs in this respects are best for torrenting.

Best VPN for Torrenting According To Redditors

Most Redditors have a diverse opinion regarding the best VPN for torrenting available on the web. The finest advantage of having multiple opinions of Reddit users is that they are not biased.

Every user would have faced a specific issue. This would have resulted in getting a complete answer of a VPN for torrent, detailing all its flaws, vulnerabilities and strengths.

Out of all the opinions received, the most favoring were indicated towards PIA VPN. Redditors stated that it safely provided a platform for various purposes which includes anonymous torrenting and private browsing.

Hence, it can be testified that PIA VPN is the best VPN for torrent as of now. Apart from this prominent VPN service, Reddit users recommend, those looking for a VPN, that they ought to seek features such as a VPN kill Switch, DNS leak protection, and IPv6 leak protection.


Though there are a variety of torrent VPN providers, the one with the fast speed and the perfect server coverage will be in handy. A list of best VPN for torrenting has been jotted, with the criteria considered above. Only, the best VPNs meet the requirements.

Use any of the VPN, gain one-click access to endless torrents. 100% protection from hackers and secure anonymity against DMCA, Copyright trolls, and ISP are other significant benefits. In 2019, using a VPN is necessary especially when you are torrenting.

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