Verizon “Safe Wi-Fi” initiative and how does it affect you?

Verizon is a US company that provides broadband, wireless and cable services. It is one of the largest telecommunication companies to exist and recently Verizon launched their own VPN service “Safe Wi-Fi” that acts as a protection layer for its mobile consumers connecting to public networks.

It aims at protecting mobile users on public Wi-Fi networks as well as blocking unwanted ads. Safe Wi-Fi is for Verizon customers on iOS and Android. It is powered by McAfee and only costs $3.99 monthly.

It seems too good to be true. Will it deliver on its promises of protecting your privacy and not give up your personal information?

Verizon’s Safe Wi-Fi sounds like a standard VPN?

Upon connection, Verizon’s Safe Wi-Fi claims to hide your IP address, improve your privacy while you are connected to a public network (at the airport, or the library or maybe your college).

Equipped with an ad-blocker, Safe Wi-Fi is responsible for blocking harmful ads from tracking you while you are browsing. It is responsible for filling the security gaps between networks.

Usually, 10 devices per account are quite the offer they’re making. A standard VPN provides much more information regarding how it works. Verizon is not one of them.

Is Verizon Wi-Fi VPN Safe to use?

Consumers use VPNs to protect their online identities and personal information from Internet Service Providers (ISP) and prying eyes.

The suspicion arises that, Verizon being an ISP itself, built a tool that hides information. As an ISP, Verizon logs everything, including your personal information, location and browsing data at all times. Verizon also follows the U.S Data Retention Laws.

It’s no lie, Safe Wi-Fi VPN logs information all the time since it’s already been stated in their privacy policy & terms and conditions. Verizon’s VPN only hides your IP address and protects you from threats. It is more like a VPN impersonator, made to gather information.


You should invest a bit more to protect your privacy for real. There are VPNs that actually do their job. They do not believe in misleading people to believe that they are secure, their identity is safe on the internet. Verizon is the biggest example of that. Do your research before subscribing to a VPN service of any sort because your security is at risk.

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