Can You Unblock Discord Using a Smart DNS? Here’s Everything to Know

Generally speaking, you can unblock Discord using a Smart DNS. It uses a proxy server to channel you to whatever blocked site you want. There are a lot of Smart DNS servers out there, and some naturally do a better job at unblocking than others. But they all work pretty well. This guide not only takes a look at this, but a bunch of other information regarding Smart DNS servers, and how they unblock Discord.

Can You Unblock Discord Using Smart DNS

Let’s get to it.

Can You Unblock Discord Using a Smart DNS?

Yes, you can unblock Discord using a smart DNS. It combines a regular DNS and a proxy server to spoof your location. Essentially, your internet queries would be serviced by the DNS server, and then routed via the proxy. This rerouting is what will help unblock Discord: it would pick up your proxy’s location over yours. Smart DNS servers don’t change IP addresses. The proxy server that they connect you to does all the hard work.

So, where can you get a smart DNS? Most paid VPNs, like Express and Nord come with their own.

Is a VPN or Smart DNS Better At Unblocking Discord?

Although both a VPN and Smart DNS can unblock discord, the answer to who is better really depends.

Let’s talk about a couple of factors, and see how they fair.

1. Connection Speed

VPNs can slow down your connection. It isn’t hard to imagine why, considering your IP would be tunneled and encrypted. This isn’t what you want to hear, though, if you’re trying to unblock Discord and then get on an important stream.

A DNS does nothing to your IP connection. So, you don’t have to worry about your internet connection slowing down.

Winner: Smart DNS

2. Multiple Devices

If you have a compatible router, you can install a VPN on it and let all your connected devices access blocked sites. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do this with a smart DNS.

Winner: VPN

3. Bypassing Firewalls

Most organizations place firewalls on their Wi-Fi. You’ll need to be able to bypass it to unblock Discord, which both a VPN and Smart DNS can do. A smart DNS lets you unblock Discord on school Wi Fi, at work, or anywhere with a firewall, as your internet traffic would be sent to the proxy that’s away from the firewall’s reach.

And when it comes to VPNs, they can tunnel underneath the firewall by sending your IP to a server abroad.

Winner: VPN & Smart DNS

4. Secure Connection

Although this isn’t necessarily a factor to consider when trying to unblock Discord, remember what I said about your IP not changing when using a smart DNS. Yes, this can be beneficial in certain circumstances, but it won’t help if you’re trying to browse the internet anonymously.

VPNs tunnel IPs and also encrypt them, so no one would be able to see what you’re doing online.

Winner: VPN

Why Does Discord Get Blocked?

Discord lets you text your friends, join voice calls, and even stream content. So, it can be distracting. Organizations like schools obviously wouldn’t be a fan of this.

Logging into Discord

Also, users can share Illicit or even illegal material on Discord so they might be banned. And they can use up a lot of bandwidth when streaming in HD. A school or office definitely would not want their internet being wasted for this. You definitely want to get unbanned from discord in these circumstances.

Is A Smart DNS Proxy Legal?

Although some online services don’t necessarily like smart DNS servers, it isn’t illegal to use them. Just remember to read a website’s policy page to see what they’ve said about DNS servers. When it comes to Discord, they don’t have a problem with it.

Using a VPN is perfectly legal too. But just like with a smart DNS, certain websites may have an issue with it, so check out their terms and conditions first. Similar to using a DNS proxy, Discord has no issue with using a VPN.

Final Thoughts

Smart DNSs help you bypass Discord blocks, and let you access the site wherever you may be. Most VPNs have built-in smart DNS features that you can access, like Nord and Express. Essentially, you would connect to a proxy server, which would then let you access Discord.

Your IP won’t be blocked in the process, unlike with a VPN, which is another way to access blocked websites. Discord has no problem with Smart DNS servers as well, and it’s not illegal to use them either (in case you were wondering).

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