Torrenting Anonymously – The Safe and Easy Way

Torrenting is the process of downloading bits and pieces of files from different sources and combining them together to form a complete file. Since this service allows more than one source to download files, it’s fairly popular throughout the world. Despite the success of streaming services like Netflix and Disney, using torrent client applications to download torrents is still a big thing.

A ton of people use torrenting technology to download large files from the internet for free.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how you can torrent safely by using a VPN with P2P apps and a torrent app.

What Does It Mean To Engage in Safe Torrenting?

To “torrent anonymously” means to use network security software, enhanced security settings and utilize different devices to make it impossible for an outsider to follow your BitTorrent activity.

With the end goal being to download torrents anonymously, you should have an unknown IP Address and encrypted data transfer. An encrypted data transfer keeps anybody from seeing your web activity.

How To Torrent Without Exposing Your Internet Traffic

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The world of torrents and downloading can accompany a side effect. There are numerous law enforcement authorities that look to bring down torrent sites and collect data on the individuals who were utilizing and adding to the download stream.

While downloading torrents safely isn’t unlawful, individuals who want to torrent safely would prefer to not have to worry about “all rights reserved” copyright trolls and the accompanying stress. Due to this desire to torrent anonymously, many torrenters are taking steps to conceal their data and privacy from such entities.

Best Methods to Ensure Your Internet Traffic and Real IP Address Remain Private

Use Anomos

An image of Anomos

To keep things simple, you should think of Anomos as a torrent client. It’s different from other torrent clients in the sense that it uses end-to-end encryption to make sure torrenting activities are safe from snooping.

The concept remains the same if you already know how to use a torrent. There are peers and trackers that keep things moving in terms of downloading and uploading files.

For even more privacy and security, Anomos uses onion routing as well. This gives users the advantage of using two encryptions instead of one.

As far as the app itself is concerned, most torrenters will find the user interface friendly and easy to use. The best part about using Anomos is that it’s an open-source software application. Therefore, if you know Python you can check everything the client is doing in the background. Also, it’s free.

Anomos also sets itself apart from the rest of the competition by offering full support for VPN services. You’ll have to read a bit further to learn more about how VPNs come into play here but for now just know that downloading with VPN services can not only make your file transfers safer and more private but also speedier if you connect to the right server.

The one negative we have to mention here is that Anomos doesn’t play well with .torrent files but it does work with .atorrent files. Since you won’t find a popular torrent site that supports the .atorrent format, we recommend that if you’re going to use Anomos then download the normal .torrent files from your favorite torrent site and then use a .torrent to .atorrent converter on the internet.


An image of Seedbox

To keep things simple, think of Seedbox as a remote server which helps P2P users get things done. It uses the almost ubiquitous BitTorrent protocol to help users download and upload files from popular torrent sources.

Data centers located around the world run these virtual private servers or VPSs which in turn act as Seedboxes. There’s nothing stopping a service from providing physical Seedbox servers but that’s not the most efficient or cheapest way to go about things.


The main advantage of using Seedbox servers over other downloading applications is that Seedbox gives users a good amount of bandwidth to work with which helps them download faster.

High speeds usually mean you can complete your file faster and then close the torrent client in as little time as possible. As for the distance between the Seedbox server and your physical machine, it doesn’t really matter. The fact that you use zero bandwidth of your own is a huge plus.

To make sure that you have the proper privacy and security you need to download files from the internet at high speeds, Seedbox helps hide your original IP address. When that happens, no one including your internet service provider can see what you’re doing on the internet.

It may know that you’re using Seedbox servers but it won’t know for what purpose. This gives you privacy which has become a privilege rather than a right in modern times.

Additionally, Seedbox servers usually use HTTPS connections as well. These enable encryption on your connection and are an extra layer of protection keeping your internet service provider and government agencies from tracking your activities and using that data against you.

The only problem is that Seedbox servers aren’t free. If you want good performance then you’ll have to pay around $5 per month. You can bring the cost down by not signing up for a powerful or fast VPS but that would ruin the downloading process for you. You can even pay $50 per month for servers that offer high speeds and huge storage capacities.

Download With VPN (Virtual Private Network)

an image of a VPN connected to a server

When searching for an approach to torrent anonymously, a VPN is your best security against copyright infringement. By setting up a safe P2P tunnel, it secures information transmission with safeguard encryption and adequately shields you from lawful inconveniences.

Torrenting with a VPN can give you quicker data transfer speeds. A portion of the top VPNs have servers that are specifically designed for torrenting. Additionally, since VPNs utilize 256-bit encryption, you can shield your information exchange from hackers as well as anonymize your online activities once you connect to a server.

Along these lines, your online personality isn’t imperiled when you’re doing your routine P2P document sharing activities. So you can do anonymous torrenting without agonizing over any legal issues.

The fact is that the VPN market is flooded. It’s become very hard for torrenters to know which VPN service will help them secure their data and guard their identity. Even among the elite VPNs that all offer advanced security features such as multiple protocols, lots of servers and military-grade encryption, it can become hard to know which one will fit your needs best.

You can click here to cut out all of these problems and read about the best Torrent VPNs.

All the VPNs on this list come with money-back guarantees so you don’t have to put your money on the line while signing up for any one of them.

In any case, whatever VPN you end up picking, just make sure it offers a kill switch feature. If you want privacy while torrenting, the kill switch feature is the most important feature of them all. The only other feature that comes close is high-speed servers.

Pro Tip:

You need good download speeds for quickly completing files via torrents but you also need a kill switch feature for hiding your real IP address from other torrent users at all times.

A kill switch will make sure that your activity and real IP address are never revealed because it will cut the internet connection if the connection to the VPN server is lost. A kill switch is vital when torrenting.

In other words, it makes sure that even when you don’t have VPN protection, no one can look at your data or your history of online activities. So make sure you put the kill switch feature over all other VPN features.

Use Antivirus Software

What does using an antivirus product have to do with torrenting privately? Well, the thing about downloading torrents from the internet is that it’s not always a smooth process. Even if you’ve invested in the best VPN there is for torrenting and you’ve taken all the necessary precautions, you can still get hurt.

How? By downloading a torrent file that has malware in it. If you haven’t installed a good antivirus product, your machine won’t be able to fight against a virus. If a hacker takes over your machine using malware, there isn’t much a VPN can do about it. Additionally, ransomware attacks are on the rise everywhere.

This is important:

All you have to do is use an antivirus product in addition to a VPN to protect yourself.

Also, unlike VPNs, there are a ton of good free antivirus products.

Use a Proxy Server

an image of a person in a hoodie using a proxy server

Proxy servers can assist in hiding your real IP address and can hide your activity from your internet service provider. Unfortunately, the vast majority of proxy services, whether they’re free or not, don’t work.

When it comes to torrenting, you really don’t want to put your privacy even at a slight risk because your internet service provider doesn’t need a whole lot of encouragement to spy on you. Therefore, we’d recommend using a proxy server as a very last resort.

How Does a VPN Keep Torrenting Safe?

With BitTorrent, peers are connected through their IP addresses, which means any BitTorrent client can see the IP locations of other people who are sharing files.

an image of a phone running a VPN

The ideal method for getting around this is to utilize a trustworthy VPN, which will permit an alternate IP address to show up as yours. This will enable you to guarantee that nobody approaches your actual IP address and that your BitTorrent movement can never be followed back to you.

You can discover probably the most vigorous and trustworthy VPNs for torrent use. It’s critical to pick a decent one since some VPNs don’t permit torrenting, while others have extraordinary servers committed to it.

How To Choose the Best VPN for Downloading Torrents

Choosing a VPN to download torrent anonymously isn’t a simple task. There are a few requirements to look for when picking a VPN exclusively for torrenting. Here are the most imperative ones:

  • Location: Preferably outside the U.S. and 5, 9 and 14 Eyes countries.
  • Logging Policy: Preferably a VPN that doesn’t gather ANY logs.
  • Speed: A VPN that’s quick enough to download large files.
  • Torrenting Policy: A VPN that permits torrenting.
Individuals using a VPN to download torrents anonymously can conceal their movement from their ISP while setting up an extra layer of security against digital criminals who are hoping to misuse them.

But VPNs like Hoxx VPN and Hola VPN penalize clients and boycott torrenting, constraining their web opportunity all the while. That’s the reason clients who are looking to torrent anonymously need to know which VPNs will meet their needs and which won’t.

VPN Alternatives To Download Torrents Anonymously

There may be VPNs that can keep you anonymous while torrenting. However, it doesn’t hurt to know that there’s more than one service you can choose from to keep downloading torrents anonymously. Those services can’t replace a VPN but can serve in the place of a VPN if one isn’t available to safely download torrents.

The majority of VPN alternatives cost a premium per month for downloading torrents anonymously. However, there are free ones available on the internet. We’ll be covering both the paid and free alternatives to make sure you understand the pros and cons of each type.

Other Options to Download Torrents Anonymously

If you don’t want to pay for a VPN, you may want to think about using Tor. Tor is like a VPN that passes your activity through a few volunteer “servers” while dispersing your IP address.

Tor is best for simple browsing and other low-data transfer activities.

Another application to download torrent anonymously is Peerblock. It’s a work area firewall with a frequently refreshed bundle of blocked IP addresses. These IP addresses are connected with networks that attempt to track your activity on the web.

From that point forward, clients must pay to keep them refreshed. It’s improbable that the blocked bundle could contain each conceivable IP address for copyright trolls and law authorization.

Stay Alert When Downloading Torrents

It’s natural to quickly select websites when torrenting.

This is important:

However, you must conceal your actual IP address when visiting any sites identified with your torrent activities. This incorporates sites like local restaurants, torrent-related gatherings, films and so on.

Many users ignore this and just focus on concealing their IP address when attempting to download torrent files at high speed. There’s less awareness for playing it safe while anonymously torrenting since one can uncover their IP address while torrenting.

Worst VPN When Downloading Torrent Files

There are a few reasons which force you to select a paid VPN while attempting to download torrents anonymously. Since free VPNs are readily available on the web they may be tempting to use, but you should steer clear of them.

Free VPNs keep logs of your online activity and don’t give you full anonymity.

Additionally, these VPNs don’t guarantee fast speeds for torrenters. You would bargain on speed and anonymity while downloading your most loved motion picture or TV series – this can cost you beyond all doubt. Therefore, free VPNs don’t work with anonymous torrenting. Nevertheless, the top-notch paid VPNs support the entire process.

Penalties for Torrenting Without VPN Services

In the past, BitTorrent users have faced challenges. The probability of the punishment of downloading a torrent without anonymity is somewhat high. By the late 2000s, torrent websites were sued for publishing pirated content on their websites.

These activities were highly condemned as it felt like people in authority were harassing teens who sought entertainment over the internet. Those who download torrents anonymously are potentially on the verge of lawsuits and should stay aware of their activities on the web.

Copyright Trolls

Organizations don’t run after torrenters themselves. They give this task to copyright trolls. After finding someone distributing or downloading copyrighted materials, these copyright trolls approach the copyright holder and legal action is taken against torrent websites.


With legal leverage and a list of names, the copyright trolls then go after torrenters via email or even by going door to door and handing out settlement letters. Copyright trolls use intimidation, fear and shame to make torrent users pay without ever going to court.

A common tactic is to threaten to sue for over $100,000 but only asking for $3,000 or so in the settlement. That makes the $3,000 look like a good deal, but going to court is costly and risky for them, so don’t give in if you receive such a letter.

Penalties by ISPs

If you’re a frequent user of downloading torrents, your ISP can apply penalties to you. Since torrenting takes up a lot of bandwidth ISPs want it to stop since the more bandwidth you use, the more costs the ISP incurs. Most ISPs even serve notices from copyright holders to ban torrent websites. This leads to no leverage being provided to the user to download torrents anonymously.


Many people are employing the best VPNs for torrenting to upgrade their internet security with information assurance.

A VPN anchors your information through the help of cutting-edge encryption and protocols.

If a hacker goes into your system and attempts to get to the data, he’ll just see scrambled pieces of code. This guarantees the level of security a VPN provides to finish the procedure.

Torrenting is a progressive innovation for exchanging files. This blog explains the entire mechanism of torrenting. Therefore, torrenting is global!