Privacy Leaks From Twitter’s Android App

Twitter reported having discovered a security flaw in its Android app. This security flaw means the protected tweets of the users may have been leaked and made public when some changes were made into the accounts.

The users who had updated their email addresses linked to their accounts from November 2014 to January 2019 could have had their messages leaked. Twitter claims to have informed the affected users about the bug. It reports having turned on the protection for the Android users whose protection had been accidentally turned off.

Twitter is issuing a public notice so as to inform the users about the error as the exact number of accounts that have been affected is not confirmed and it wanted t approach to those users who were remained unidentified after internal investigation

“We are very sorry this happened we are conducting a full review to help prevent this from happening again”

It urged its users to recheck their privacy settings so as to ensure it reflects their preferences.

Twitter reports to have fixed the bug on 14th January and promises to share any further information that comes up on the issue. Apple and web users are reported to have remained unaffected by the bug.

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