Microsoft Announces Cybersecurity Framework To Help Policymakers

Due to recent cyber-attacks and the sudden surge of them in the past, it was problematic for the policymakers to address and battle against those threats. Also, the recent induction of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in many countries has made difficult for the government to talk about.

To help policymakers regarding the understanding of privacy and cyber security matters, Microsoft has announced a cybersecurity Policy Framework on Thursday in a blog post. The policy framework consists of 44-white page document which according to Microsoft provides an overview of the effective cyber security policies or building blocks that are associated with best practices searched from around the world.

The framework details on how the policymakers should address the emerging cybersecurity challenges and avoid the unwanted obstacles. According to Microsoft, they have worked with many policymakers in different economies in the past which then allowed them to craft out this effective framework.

Furthermore, in the post, Microsoft quotes United Nations analysis, which states around half of the countries in the world are working on strategies to combat cybersecurity threats. “The policies established today will impact how technologies are used for years to come and how safe or dangerous the online world becomes for all of us”, the post states.

Microsoft, however, stresses The cybersecurity Policy Framework is not a one-solution to the cybersecurity policymakers’ issues. Instead, it provides “umbrella document”, providing a high-level overview of ideas for creating efficient cybersecurity policy. Microsoft also boasts that the amount of information on the white paper will be difficult to find elsewhere.

In the framework, Microsoft summarizes developing strategies and cyber agency for cybersecurity on a national level, updating and redefining cybercrime laws, renovate critical infrastructure protections and develop international strategies for cybersecurity.

The copy of Cybersecurity Policy Framework white paper can be downloaded.

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