How to Secure Your Windows PC – Complete Guide

The latest version of your windows PC may give you a sense of security. The reason behind it is quite obvious that the more your system is advanced, the more security it has. Yet securing windows with additional security features is not bad.

Considering that Window is extremely popular, it attracts malware makers and hackers to exploit it. Thus, it becomes necessary to secure your windows more. You must try to make your windows more secure and install all security features that help in its protection.

Steps to Secure Your Windows PC

Below are some ways that will help you in making your Windows PC secure by blocking the hackers and data snoopers from stealing your data.

Update Windows Operating System

One of the perfect ways to make your windows secure is by installing all updates particularly security updates by using the windows feature. You have to make sure that any upgrades and patches to the operating system should be applied automatically to it.

This can be easily done by setting up Windows PC Updates to automatic (Control Panel -> Windows Updates). One of the functions of Windows Updates is that it also keeps an eye on updates for other software installed on your PC such as Microsoft Office and drivers etc. Whenever it finds an update for any software, you will be notified of Optional Updates.

Use Action Center

The information about several things like Anti-Virus, Windows Update and others that need your attention will be notified to you by the Action Center of Control Panel of windows. This will also tell you when did you last time backed up your data.

Turning off the Action Center notifications is nearly not recommended. This is because the Action Center notifications constantly remind you of things that are needed to be done for the security of Windows.

User Accounts

A standard or guest account is needed even when you are the only user on your computer. It is recommended to grant guest access if someone other than you uses the computer. Like if some friend or any kid use your computer to search something on the internet or plays a game which can mess up your computer.

Hence, having separate accounts is best for securing your PC. Moreover, setting the User Account Control to high will notify you before any program tries to modify any settings.

Update Your Software

For the security of windows, it is important that not only your windows operating system is updated but also your software. Thus, you will have to make sure that you have most recent security updates installed for all your major programs and applications.

Bear in mind that the cyber attackers usually exploit popular software, for instance, Adobe Shockwave, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash, Java, QuickTime, Reader and popular internet browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Try making it sure that you have the latest applications installed.

Since you know that these items of popular software are under constant threat of cyber criminals so do not leave it in your memory for manual update of every single application and program. Just simply consider it turning to automatic update.

Install an Antivirus

Security is nothing without good antivirus software. For the security of Windows, it is necessary to install an antivirus that consists of a firewall, scanning and automatic update.

If accidentally you choose an antivirus that does not support firewall feature than simply turn on the Windows firewall.  Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a good firewall. A default firewall is present in Windows 10, 8, 7. Configuring Windows firewall is not easy and requires technical knowledge.

Yet Windows firewall works silently. If you want to install a third-party firewall along with Windows firewall then it can result in conflicts which may expose your system to hackers.


If you are the only user of your PC then you might not use a password for your user account just to save time. However, this can turn out to be risky because anyone can log in to your PC and steal your data. Thus, for the security of PC, it is important to create a strong password for the user account.

Also, never forget to log out from your PC if you are leaving it for a while. Just simply press Windows Key +L in order to lock your computer.

Hardware Upgrade

Keeping your hardware upgraded is also important. The latest technology offers base level security in the hardware itself which is the reason why updating your hardware should be a priority. CPUs, latest motherboards, and BIOS have embedded security.

The trusted platform module (TPM) is an example of this that has built-in hard disk controllers which protect them from malicious programs. A TPM checks the firmware during booting in order to ensure that it is not infected with malicious programs.

Browser Security

The web browser is the first important tool by which we access the internet, so for windows security, it is important that we use a browser that is secure before we go online.

The vulnerabilities in the web browser are very favorable for the attackers. The attackers may make use of these vulnerabilities and steal private information and also may harm important data.

Steps to stay secure while accessing web pages:

  1. Pick the latest version of the browser
  2. Make security changes in the web browser settings
  3. For accessing a website that you are not sure about, pick the private browsing session. When you will pick private browsing session, it will stop authentication credential or cookies from being saved on your computer.
  4. Malicious code embedded in the windows pop-up even in legitimate websites by which data-stealing malware is most likely to spread. Make sure that your browser blocks the unwanted pop-ups.


The guidelines mentioned above are meant to keep your Windows secure. The security of the Windows lies in your own hands. Remember that you are your computer’s best security feature. Yet it is vitally important to make your computer hard enough against attacks. Hardening your computer against the attacks is the best thing you can do to make your computer difficult to hack.

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