How to Backup Your Computer – Guide

Losing data can be the worst nightmare for anyone. We usually store all our photos, videos, documents and other important stuff on our computers. Thus, any problem with the computer can lead to difficult situations. Data can be lost either by accidental deletion, theft or natural disaster. This leads us to think about the possible methods by which we can store all important files safe.

The first thing you should do is to backup your computer because it protects all your data. Another important thing is to save your data to different places and not in just a single hard drive. Make different copies of the original files present in your computer.

How to Backup Computer?

Here we have discussed the secure approaches to backup your computers along with trustworthy platforms to make your files completely protected.

Cloud Backup

The backing computer is a worthy way of saving your data but still, there is a risk of data theft, fire or any other disaster. To tackle this risk cloud storage is the perfect solution because it keeps the backup of your computer or laptop completely safe. Simply create an account, download the software, check it once to enter your account information and choose any preferences. Once the initial steps have been performed, the software will start keeping your computer backup automatically at any time when it is turned on and connects to the internet.

Cloud storage not only takes the backup of your computer but is also encrypts the files so an unauthorized person will not be able to read it. Also, it not just saved the data one drive but multiple drives. Another plus point of cloud storage that it is prepared of numerous scattered and superfluous computers and drives, so if you lost the data it will not cause loss of any files.

Once you have uploaded your data, you don’t have to worry about uploading it again till any changes are made. Yet, the changes made are sending quickly because the software knows what is different and due to this only modified data is sent.

Most people face difficulty first time in uploading the files. This depends on the size of the file and the speed of your internet. Most of the ISPs have good downloading speed than the uploading. If the software you are using currently has slow uploading speed then upgrade it during your first upload.

Pros: It protects your data from any type of losses such as hard drive failure, theft, and natural disaster.

Cons: Most of the cloud storage services are paid.

Paid Cloud Storage

  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Sugar Sync
  • Bitcasa
  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Symform

Free Cloud Storage

The space they offer is limited but if you want to store heavy documents than the above-mentioned backup storage platforms are recommended.

  • Google Drive – 15GB free
  • Symform – 10GB
  • iDrive – 5GB
  • Dropbox – 2GB (can get up to 16GB free space through recommendations)
  • SpiderOak – 2GB
  • OneDrive – 15GB free
  • Bitcasa – 5GB

External Backup Drives Or USBs

External drives are recommended but there should be different copies of your files. So you can use an external drive to create an archive of your deleted and modified files. The main purpose of these files is to provide you a backup of your files such as documents that are usually irreplaceable.

If in case your computer crashes, you know that your computer backup is stored on the drive along with the modified and deleted ones. It means you have the backup for your computer files. So now you can simply plug-in the external drive into a new computer and get the access to it.

Pros: The benefit of the external hard drive is that you don’t have to pay a fee to get access to all your files when your computer dies.

Cons: However, remember that external hard drive will eventually need to replace so you will have to move all your computer data from the old one to the new (if doable) or you may need to start from the scratch.

Online Backup

CrashPlan is a data backup service available on the internet that allows you to save your computer files and ensure their safety. Some online backup providers such as BackblazeCarbonite, and MozyHome. These are paid backup storage runs automatically and take the backup of your computer files to their Web Store. In case, you lose any file and need it back then you can easily restore it by using your provider. CrashPlan also offers you to backup another computer for free.

Pros: Online backup will protect your computer data from being lost through the hard drive failure, natural disaster, theft etc.

Cons: These providers usually paid and the first backup of your computer can take a long time as compared to a hard drive if you have tons of files to backup.

Some More Tips:

  • Make different copies of the original files.
  • Make a regular and automatic backup schedule.
  • Store your data in a secure, off-site location.

Always secure your data with strong passwords and protect those passwords.


It’s high time that you start thinking of backing up your computer seriously and stop trusting blindly on your laptop or PC that your data will never crash or steal. Using the approaches you can backup your computer on suggested places where the copies of your original documents will be safe.

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