Free Tools To Decrypt Ransomware Files

Ransomware is a kind of malicious software that is designed to block the access of all your system data until the time you pay a handsome amount of money. It is a highly technical malware that encrypts complete system information. Those who become the victim can only be recovered through free tools to decrypt ransomware files.

Most of the time’s people don’t have any option except paying the ransom amount to recover the data. This is because the crypto algorithm is used by hackers which are really hard to be crack. Moreover, the private decryption keys are only accessible to the servers and not the victims.

Ransomware attacks have grown in numbers, and it appears in the case of WannaCryptPetya or Locky ransomware. Usually, cyber criminals implement such kind of ransomware because they are profitable, means that they lock the user’s files and data and in return, they ask for huge of money for releasing the data.

Tools to decrypt ransomware files

Here are some of the free ransomware decryption tools which disable the crypto algorithm set by hackers and make the data again accessible without paying it.

Locker ransomware:

Locker ransomware infects your computer and locks the user’s access to files and data. It uses AES encryption and has infected over 250,000 computers by using a similar nasty ransomware called CryptoLocker. The ransomware decryption tool is Locker Unlocker.

Alcatraz Locker:

This ransomware use AES-256 encryption that has Base64 encoding so that it can encrypt victim’s data. In the mid of November 2016, the first time Alcatraz got detected. Encrypted files have an extension of “.Alcatraz”. The ransomware message that appears on the screen after encryption is located in a file “ransomed.html” on the users desktop.

If your computer has been affected by this ransomware, you can remove it by Alcatraz Locker Fix which is a ransomware decryption tool.


In May 2016, this ransomware was first noticed. BadBlock does not rename the files when it attacks. After encrypting the files, the message appears from the file named as “Help Decrypt.html”.

The BadBlock tool decrypt ransomware (for 32-bit Windows) and (for 64-bit Windows)


It is also called JohnyCryptor, Aura, Dharma, and Virus-Encode, this ransomware was first detected in September 2015. The encryption used by this ransomware is AES-256 along with RSA-1024.

The ransomware modifies the files by adding extensions such as

[email protected],
[email protected],
.{[email protected]}.Crysis,
.{[email protected]}.xtbl,
.{[email protected]}.xtbl,
.{[email protected]}.xtbl,
.{[email protected]}.dharma,

The ransom message appears after encryption on the user’s desktop is located in the file named as “decryption instruction.txt”, “README.txt” or “HOW TO DECRYPT YOUR DATA.txt”.

The user’s desktop background might also change. If Crysis has encrypted your files then download the free ransomware decryption tool Crysis Fix.


This is also known as DecryptorMax. Cryptinfinite was discovered by Emsisoft’s Fabian Wosar that decrypts the files hijacked by such ransomware. It’s a user-friendly tool, allows bypassing crypto routine forced by DecryptInfinite which makes it easier for an individual to restore their personal data without the ransom submission.

You can download DecryptInfinite tool in order to remove this ransomware.


Crypt888 is and called MirCop, it was first detected in June 2016. A lock is added to the filenames by this malware such as Idea.doc is changed to Lock.Idea.Doc. Once the encryption of files is finished, the desktop wallpaper will look like the image shown below.

The Crypt888 Fix tool can be used for decrypting ransomware.


The method that this ransomware apply is RC4 or Blowfish encryption. Globe ransomware was first detected in August 2016.

The extensions that are added by this ransomware are


Some other kinds of this ransomware may encrypt the file and changes the name as well. The message that appears after encryption of the files is present in the file “How to restore files.hta” or “Read Me Please.hta”. Globe Fix is a free ransomware decryption tool, simply download it and it can be removed.


It is one of the first open-source ransomware codes established by GitHub, in August 2015. After that many HiddenTear variants have been developed by snoopers using the unique source code. HiddenTear uses AES encryption.

Extension to the files that get encrypted are


The ransom message which appears on the user’s screen after encryption is located with the file name file (READ_IT.txt, MSG_FROM_SITULA.txt, DECRYPT_YOUR_FILES.HTML). By using the ransomware decryption tool HiddenTear Fix, you can fix the harmed files.


It was first detected in March 2016. Jigsaw may remind you of movie “The Jigsaw Killer” because numerous variants of this ransomware display the picture of the jigsaw killer.

Added encrypted files extensions are

[email protected],

After encryption, the picture shown below appears. For removing the ransomware, Jigsaw, free decryption tool is an effective solution.


In February 2015, it was first identified. The decryption ransomware tool for this was developed by the Cisco team. The Cisco researchers analyzed that the attackers claim to use asymmetric RSA-2048 standard for encrypting files, however, they are using more primitive symmetric AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) as an alternative.

If you have been hit by this ransomware, to decrypt ransomware files simply download TeslaCrypt Fix, the ransomware decryption tool.


Besides the several threat that online medium has, ransomware is one of them. Moreover, new and advanced variants are also emerging. Therefore for an internet user developing protection against the ransomware has become vitally important. The security firms are trying their best to find such cures that can unlock the victim’s data without paying any scammer.

Free decrypt ransomware tools help you restore the data that has become encrypted by the ransomware. We have recommended some of the best decryption ransomware tools that you can use to fight against ransomware.

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