Firefox Privacy Add-Ons – Extensions – Complete Guide

Internet surfing is a most common activity at this time. It is a global village that connects millions of network together, for making connections and retrieving information the internet browsers are used. These browsers are obliged to track all your information continuously and maintains a specific record of internet user’s.

To skip these mediations the use of Firefox privacy add-ons helps in improving the data over the internet. These privacy extensions have distinct approaches which protect the browsing experience. Furthermore, these privacy addons handle the fatal attacks that hackers can manipulate therefore it is recognized as a secure channel.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is the most usable privacy addon supported by Firefox. This extension blocks all the ads which usually comes up with the browsing outcomes. These ads are inadequate for the internet users because ads containing web pages can virtuously steal the information of browsers.

This privacy extension entertains a number of users because it blocks ad appears on the website with a list of techniques. It provides a switch on or off option for blocking the ad but not on a specific web-page. This is the easiest way to block and bound the ads which appear on the screen to distract the users.

uBlock Origin uses two safety modes. The element picker and the zapper mode to customize the settings of a website page according to the need. This extension makes the Firefox security highly private and not allow any unauthorized user to split the data.

HTTPS Everywhere

The HTTPS Everywhere is the most recognized Firefox privacy addon, created by EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). The privacy addon establishes a channel between the server and the web browser, which secures the data from destructive attacks. The HTTPS tool hides the information it also disables the monitoring of ISP and surveillance programs.

The HTTPS extension provides three different levels of security. First, server authentication, it makes sure the user that the server is reliable. Second, data confidentiality means all the content present should in a form of encryption. And third, data integrity means any mediator has no right to modify the data.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is an anti-tracker Firefox privacy addon developed by EFF. It provides the safety measures of internet user by blocking spy that originates with the search result. Firstly, Privacy Badger filters out the scripts that allow for breaching the privacy and then it recommends the website embedded to capture the user’s records.

This Firefox privacy extension reveals the observer which allows that individual escape from being trapped. Privacy Badger doesn’t block ads automatically. However, give them chance to enter with the search outcome. It directs the whole track of unwanted attack. Finds the area where there has a chance to lose privacy, then indicates the source of danger. The harmful inspections get ban easily by not allowing unlawful sources to inquire details.

Cookie AutoDelete

This Firefox Privacy addon workout to make the automated deletion of cookies.  A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored in a user machine after inquiry anything in the browser. But this phenomenon is sometimes becoming risky because it enables the third party to steal the confidential data. They can track browser data by entering through the cookie path.

Cookie AutoDelete helps out to omit the HTTP request. It deletes the cookie rapidly when the user closes their browser. Cookies contain small files also have passwords which generate a way to identify the track of internet surfer easily. For avoiding this risk Cookie AutoDelete supports to dismiss that information leakage file from the browser.

Canvas Defender

Canvas Defender is a Firefox privacy addon used to prevent the browser from fingerprinting. A fingerprinting is a mechanism for tracking online users. To catch the fingerprints an image is displayed in any size and font and then the user is asked to type the character that matches with the image, and then browsing history is captured through this fingerprint.

Canvas Defender can prevent the offensive attacks. It creates a unique and a persistent noise that interrupts the phenomenon of generating ID and hiding the real fingerprints. As a fingerprint is a more accurate approach for tracking so this defender provides high-level protection on data by making the splitters unreachable to the ID.

Password Manager

The password manager provides a better privacy shell to user login outline. Sometimes when a user visits a website then a registration form appears after form submission, the web page becomes accessible for their entertainers, Firefox privacy addon asks the users to save the password. This addon stores the username and password, Next time the user will visit and automatically login to the website.

Whenever a checkbox appears like ‘Remember me’ on a particular website, this box take the username and password and make it remembered by the browser. Furthermore, if the user wants to access from another device or machine, the Firefox security add-ons make the user fully secure access after investigating the true password.

Bloody Vikings

Sometimes the internet users get bothered by the signing up activity for visiting any website and don’t want to share their personal email address in that websites from where they are having knowledge. So the Bloody Vikings comfort those persons by making a fake email ID of them. It might be a better privacy factor as well for the one who wants to make their information private.

To have this facility the Firefox privacy addon provides a Bloody Vikings, it makes the temporary address just by clicking on the right option in the address bar. Also, makes the website page accessible to the service demander. After the completion of task on that web page, the temporary email address gets terminate, this factor enables the security of the internet users more shielded by destructive activities.


The Mailvelope is like an envelope material that contains a message with data security and confidentiality. Gmail, Hotmail, and Outlook are providing their webmail services world-widely. They are less secure encryption which is built-in with JavaScript, means this encryption can be broken up and then data loses its privacy.

To overcome this uncertainty use of Mailvelope Firefox security addon has increased. This web-mail encrypts the information contains in the emails by using PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). It’s an encryption technique which transforms the web-mail data by converting into cipher-text.

The RSA algorithm fulfills the formation of encryption along with adding the hash code bits. To make data bits innovated, Mailvelope uses public and private keys to encrypt and decrypt the data successfully.


The VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables the internet users to share their data publicly and at the back-end, VPN makes the connection private. To pursue information over the internet, a VPN connection is established between the browser and the server, this linkup contains the proper path of association which makes the connection encrypted.

The VPN Firefox extension makes the connection secure using a private tunnel, this method provides a shelter to the connection which unauthorized person cannot access. The Firefox VPN add-Flash to make the user’s information hides the information of data exchange from the reach of ISP and hackers. This mechanism enhances the security of each data pack generates from the browser.


This Firefox privacy addon named NoScript which blocks the scripting of Java and Flash to make the user’s information private. Furthermore, investigates the valid contents which are feasible for the current time user. Mostly web pages expose the distinct content for the users, these contents have right to steal the information after the approval of other internet users.

The NoScript is a dominant Firefox security extension because it decreases the concern of privacy without disturbing the on-time user over the website. Users can unintentionally active the content, this enables the incursion which reflects a poor result of privacy. NoScript works by maintaining the trusted web pages in a white-list and make this list easily approachable by the observer.

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