All You Need To Know About IP WHOIS Lookup

The IP address is surely the backbone of the internet. The IP stands for Internet Protocol. It is a specific name given to every network device to locate its location and ensure an efficient connection. This ties clients to servers and collects information.

In general, it is a means of communication between devices. Before registering the IP address, all the registrar’s information is collected by ICANN, and this can be found using the IP WHOIS Lookup tool.

Here is a short guide of all you need to know about IP WHOIS Lookup.

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What Does IP WHOIS Lookup Show?

The whois lookup provides information about who owns the IP address and how to contact them. Typically the whois lookup shows a particular domain name and contact information of the registrant (Domain Owner) along with the registrars.

Moreover, this may also give other essential information like registration and expiration date, server name, and the latest updates by the registrar. This way, ISP can maintain internet security and provide users with the necessary information about their IPs.

How Does IP WHOIS Lookup Work?

The term WHOIS refers to WHO IS Responsible For This Domain Name. As the name shows, it is used to find the IP address owner.


You can easily track the Registrant contact and geolocation using the IP Whois Lookup tool. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps.


  •     Open your Browser
  •     Go to the WHOIS IP lookup tool, such as
  •     Then in the given space, add the targeted IP address (you can also add the domain name)
  •     Then click on the check.
  •     Within a few seconds, all information will appear on your screen.


Note: Before using the tool, clear any trouble with some files in your computer, as it can affect the results.

Where Does IP WHOIS Lookup Information Store?

All the IP registration information is sorted in Internet Corporation for Assigned Names And Numbers (ICANN). The database has a record of all the Domain IP registration and distribution worldwide. It allocates and tracks the IP addresses. This keeps account of Contracts, specifications, standards, protocols, advisories, and policies.

Uses of IP WHOIS Lookup Tool

Typically the WHOIS lookup is used to find information about the registrants. However, it has benefitted the stakeholders in many ways.


  •     To check whether a Domain is available.
  •     Contact the network administrator regarding technical issues.
  •     To track registration issues.
  •     To get the genuine information of any online merchant, organization, or business.
  •     To know any company or individual running a website.
  •     To get a secondary market transaction on a registered domain.
  •     To build a good relationship with another e-commerce merchant with their accurate domain information.
  •     To protect your IP from scams and find any troublemakers.
  •     To find the location of a criminal or fraud.


The ICANN can be used to gather any legal information about specific IP addresses.

Why Do We Need To Check IP WHOIS Lookup?

There are many reasons why you can use the IP WHOIS lookup. It helps you with security, IP address configuration, and network troubleshooting. Here are a few reasons why we need IP WHOIS Lookup.

Ensure a Secure Network

Since the IP WHOIS lookup tool provides the geolocation and contact information of the owner, you can use it to locate any intruder in your network.

In many cases, scammers enter the network and get the personal information of the users or hack their network. Therefore, you can track the troubleshooter in your network using the IP WHOIS lookup tool.

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Trace The Unknown IP Address

You can also use the WHOIS Lookup to track any unknown login in your network. For example, if you are using a social media platform, you can see current or past sessions to check if any unknown IP address has signed in to your account. Hence, using the tool, you can get the necessary information about the intruder.


Check Network Troubleshooting

Sometimes it can also be used to track the reason for your network troubleshooting. With the WHOIS lookup tool, you can check who is connected to the network.

This way, you can check where most of the speed is being used. You can ensure whether the problem is in the connection or bandwidth usage.


Certainly, the IP WHOIS lookup tool is very beneficial for business. You can check the user behind a database or an associated website and avail many business opportunities. Moreover, it can also help you track any intruder in your network and protect it from scams.

Additionally, it can also trace people by using their IP addresses. This makes it easier to catch criminals and get information about the involved networks. Not only IT experts but common internet users can also use the WHOIS Lookup tool to get the necessary information. 

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