Enhance Your Android Lock Screen Security

If not then this is the time to think about your android phone security.  Your android phone has all the data stored such as your documents, chats, pictures and social media accounts etc. Having no lock screen security can turn out to be dangerous for your android phones.

Applying screen lock security is not so much complicated as we think. At least not much complicated when it comes to securing your android device. By reading the below text you’ll realize how easy it is to use the screen lock options and how much important is they are for your phone.

Lock screen: PIN

Lock screen security is essential for your android device. You cannot deny the fact that setting up a Google account asks you for your name; Email address and even your Playstore payment details are open for access. While no one knows about your bank PIN or credit card account number, in case of stolen phone, it can lead to heavy payments on apps.

While you have somehow still managed to hide your name, you social media accounts have all details of your contacts, your relation with the contacts and even your address.

Not only this your Email inbox, most of the times contains the personal documents such as bank account details. Having no lock screen security can lead to data theft. We recommend using Dropbox so that even when your lock screen is compromised, you can possibly delete all your data within seconds. You can transfer in it all your online shopping details and all other details that you don’t want anyone to know about.

There are many ways to put a lock screen usually android offer password, PIN, face recognition, pattern and some advance android phones may also offer finger print security. We recommend applying a PIN that has more than four digits. PIN is difficult to guess hence assuring advance security.

Lock screen: Pattern

You will be thinking that your lock screen pattern is so unreachable and difficult to guess that no one can access your phone.

Then read carefully your lock screen pattern security is not good enough. To guess your lock screen pattern is so easy that even a child can guess it by easily following the pattern that your fingers have left. None of us cleans the screen every time we use our phones which means in case of stolen phone you would not have cleaned up its screen.

It’s not vague now that your pattern security is not that genius and can be easily broken.  The best alternative way is to use an app such as Picture Password Lockscreen. This app offers you to use an image that is full screen, on which you can draw signs that would be dispersed and would make anyone confuse. Here accuracy of what you draw on the screen is important. You can set a backup PIN in such a case to avoid being locked out of your android device.

Hidden Lock app can help you if you want to add more security to your android device. This app hides your lock screen grid instead it shows the image of the screen that you last visited. This makes it appear unlocked however it’s not. This app uses a hidden unlock button that only you will be able to access. For this app, it is important to remember the position of the button.

Lock screen: widgets

Lock screen widgets have potential of data breach thus when it was introduced there was confusion regarding its security features.

The important apps on your phone such as Email accounts and other apps that you need to reach quickly are easily accessible through this. They enable you to access the apps quickly without the need of unlocking it. The use of widgets on the lock screen depends on how often you use them.

Screen Locker app

 Have you ever been a victim of friendly fire? Like you show a picture to someone to admire your photograph but instead your friend starts sliding it to see more or scroll down the notification bar then here is the solution to your privacy.

The screen locker app enables you to lock the screen in any app showing the app as non-responsive unless a particular pattern is entered that only you know. Locking the screen is simply possible by grabbing the search bar or just by simply tapping the notification.

We recommend you to use this to unable other people from investigating your gallery or other apps.

Lock screen: Facelock

There are many substitutes of passwords and PINs such as facelock security option. It might not be a very rigid security feature for your device but it can be used for individual apps. This leaves your android to access easily in case of any emergency.

Perhaps the best to protect your android device is to keep it with you all the time. It will probably lessen easily know the person who stole your phone.

Some of the android phones now offer the feature of finger print security which is far difficult to guess then any of the above features.


Your android security is vital as it has the personal details in it. We shared with you some of the built-in features that android have and also some apps that can help you to better protect your privacy.  PINs stood on first in securing your android. A strong password can also help in securing your android device from external invasion.

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