How To Bypass ISP Throttling with Superfast Speed


Governments have given ISPs the authority to limit your speed called ISP throttling. It disturbs the operation of all internet devices connected to a network. Changing your ISP will not solve this issue since every ISP is legalized to throttle your connection. Worsening matters up, your ISP is strictly monitoring your activities and store the data of their user’s browsing.

The most recommended option by cyber security consultants to bypass ISP throttling is to utilize a legitimate VPN service which operates through its own dedicated servers and encrypt all your internet activities to keep your data hidden from being monitored by ISP and government agencies until you disconnects the VPN.

The FCC’s attempts to dismantle net neutrality regulations have led the websites around the world to protest on it. The question that arises that whether the Internet Service Provider (ISP) should be dealt as a public utility and should distribute internet service equally to everyone or given free control to throttle the internet speeds and limit the bandwidth.

If you’re observing that your internet connection is dropping constantly while streaming or downloading torrents then those might be the indications that your ISP is throttling your bandwidth. It means that your ISP is strictly monitoring your activities and controlling the network speed.

What Is Internet Throttling?

Governments have passed legislations in favor of ISPs which give them the authority to continuously monitor and keep the data of its users browsing. Also, it allows them to control the internet bandwidth of a certain network on the basis of its consumption. This speed limitation is termed as ‘ISP Throttling’ and it affects the performance of all devices connected to the similar network.

There are no rules and regulations that can restrict ISPs from internet throttling. Due to which an immense increase has noticed in use of VPN for bypassing ISP throttling because it disables the monitoring of users with complete protection. It channelizes the browsing traffic through the private tunnels which encrypt the information and then sends the code form data without keeping the logs.

What Is ISP Peering?

Peering starts when two ISPs connect each other and exchange network traffic. Therefore, internet traffic travels to the third party ISPs and agencies then to the final location. This is a mutually beneficial process for ISPs under normal circumstances as it helps in clearing congestion.

Traffic ratios are a common point of conflict between two ISPs while peering. When the ISPs are in conflict, one improves the speed; however, the other restraint in the dropped internet speed. Therefore, the users face speed limiting.

How To Bypass ISP Throttling?

Usually, the internet service provider’s limit’s the user’s network speed, especially on weekends. Because in those days people use more internet for the purpose of streaming or downloading. Due to the limitation, it takes a more time in completing that work.

People who face this problem they use VPN service for bypassing ISP throttling because it collects all the information and encrypts by sending it through a secure pipeline. When the data goes through this process it becomes undetectable for ISP to decode that information and see what activities a user is performing.

Is Throttling Illegal?

The response is a bit mystified, and it relies upon where on earth your ISP is based. There might be extra terms like ‘a nature of administration and restricting shared movement’. ISPs without a doubt do hold a considerable measure of rights with regards to what they committed to serve.

The FFC has canceled Net Neutrality and it just appears that throttling is ending up increasingly normal. In this manner, ISPs will now be able to obstruct whatever sites they esteem wrong, force throttling on particular sites, and even enjoy the paid subscription.

Best VPNs to Stop ISP Throttling

For choosing a VPN entitled as the ‘Best VPN for throttling’ you should look for a variety of factors.

  • You must check out the security protocols that will ensure your online presence.
  • The VPN must have Kill Switch. It will not leak your DNS when your connection drops.

1. ExpressVPN

Are you a privacy paranoid and seek instant questioning? ExpressVPN should be your solution. It secures your WiFi connection and safeguards your personal information.

There are no delays when you are streaming any service and you can enjoy server switching with no limits.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is a privacy conscious VPN and is located in Panama. It is considered as one of the safest VPN to evade throttled connection which a layman or IT expert can use.

It uses extraordinary features such as Kill Switch, NAT firewalls, and strong protection protocols to secure your connection on the web.

What to check in a VPN to Avoid ISP throttling?

VPN is developed to provide a secure shelter and counter the fear of hacking or data snooping. It uses private servers for sharing the information from a single point to another. A VPN has its security protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP. You can select anyone according to the need of privacy.

One should look for an Internet Kill Switch when choosing a VPN to evade ISP throttling. In case your internet drops, there must be a program to block your DNS being leaked. Security firewalls are to be checked when choosing a VPN service.

When you connect a VPN it changes your location from actual to virtual and signs a different IP address. This IP obscuring makes sure to hide your identity and protects your browsing history from being exposed to your ISPs.

Some of the VPN services provide their customers with an option to select the VPN server of their own choice. Hence, a lot them with the IP address of that specific region where the server is located.

Why do ISPs throttle your bandwidth?

What most ISPs state is that throttling during occasions, enables them to diminish the blockage over their system. So, this brings down the amount of information they need to process at a time, sparing them the need to purchase expensive hardware to deal with the lift in rush hours and transfer speed requests. However, there is dependably a shot of abuse.

Some may deliberately back off internet speed to save money, which clearly results in the client suffering. Some ISPs may throttle your data when the program is active from a specific site. For example, Netflix, since streaming HD movies might cost ISPs some bucks, they prevent this by throttling your bandwidth.

How do VPNs bypass ISP Throttling?

A VPN comes handy when you want to bypass ISP throttling. It prevents ISPs from playing around with your internet speed. VPN keeps your online traffic unknown which is achieved through strong encryption. Although, the fact that you are using a VPN will be shown to your ISP.

Your Internet Service Provider will still not be able to see the online activity you perform on the web. Your ISP cannot decipher the incoming bits and throttle your internet according to it.

Is Network Throttled? Run Speed Test To Know

Internet users around the world face speed throttling issues but a common user cannot check whether ISP throttling the speed or not? There are tools in the network industry that can be used for this reason. You can conduct the test given:

Use Internet Speed Test

If you are uncertain whether your internet data is being throttled or not, you can utilize a speed test. It is a technique with which you can see the speed of your current internet connection.

You can conduct an internet speed by using or Some internet users are often skeptical that their internet speed gets lessen when the end of the month approaches.

This is one form of ISP throttling and you should run a speed test every week if your ISP throttles your connection as the last day of the month approaches.

Use Internet Health Test

Internet Health Test

It’s a tool that detects any degradation of your internet and helps you in determining ISP throttling. The test uses codes and infrastructure from M-Labs, it sends the traffic from your device to a certain point which is present outside of your ISPs network.

The Internet Health Test notices any sign of congestion between your ISP and the measure points. If the difference is large then your ISP throttling the speed. You must conduct a series of tests to get the right results and plan accordingly to resolve the problems.

Which of the ISPs throttle the internet?

In 2007, it was accounted for that Comcast utilized an application from Sandvine to throttle BitTorrent action. Sandvine’s application would break each seeding association with a client’s new seeds after just a couple of moments in the event that it was anything but a Comcast client.

A 2008 report asserted Cox Communications made a propensity for interfering with BitTorrent usage all the time. The Max Planck Institute for Software Systems discharged an investigation that demonstrated Cox did as such day and night and not just now and again of “crest clog,” as the supplier had guaranteed.

Another ISP by the name of Charter, who as of late converged with Time Warner Cable, is right now in a New York state court confronting claims that its Spectrum-TWC network access guaranteed clients speeds that it knew it couldn’t provide. Extra charges guarantee the supplier additionally hasn’t given dependable access to Netflix.

Bypass ISP Throttling on Android

Android user faces the speed dropping issues especially when they’re streaming or downloading. This extremely frustrates the users and turns them towards a VPN software. Actually, VPN disables the ISP throttling restriction and stables the network speed. It doesn’t only bypass the speed throttling on Android device but also protects the sharing of data over external servers.

To avoid such throttled connection, follow the below procedure and get rid of slow internet.

  • Get the reliable VPN service.
  • Go to ‘Official Site’ of VPN and ‘Sign Up’ your account.
  • Download and install the VPN client on your Android phone.
  • Enter your Log-In ID and Password.
  • Select the nearest ‘VPN Server’ Location.
  • Click the ‘Connect’ option.

ISP allocates a specific bandwidth limit for all user, the consumption of bandwidth results in you as bandwidth throttling. There are browsers and apps available for Android users that help in consuming less data which includes Onavo Extend and OperaMax.

Moreover, there is a feature in the android phones called the “Data Compression”, it uses to reduce the monthly bandwidth usage which effects in the increase of speed.

To enable the android phone built-in data compression option which sustains the bandwidth use the mentioned steps:

  • Go to > ‘Settings’.
  • Tab > ‘Bandwidth Management’.
  • Select ‘Reduce Data Usage’ to enable compression.

Avoid ISP Throttling on iPhone

IPhone has gained an overwhelming popularity among the mobile users all around the world. This is because the features induced in iPhone are unique and different from other smartphones. Also, iPhone is considered as the finest device on maintaining quality of those features.

Unfortunately, these sparkles have shaded some of the security lacks prevailing in bypassing speed limitation while streaming is necessary to keep a decent user experience. The use of innovative technology allows the ISPs to throttle the speed.

Internet users are applying different methods to bypass ISP throttling on iPhone. A VPN is an excellence option that enhances the network security which makes your streaming secure without dropping the speed.

You can follow these steps to bypass throttling on iPhone while streaming the videos.

  • To choose a VPN service for iPhone.
  • Visit the VPN website and create your VPN account.
  • Download and install the VPN app on your iPhone.
  • Once the installation process gets completed, activate your VPN client.
  • Choose ‘VPN Server’ and click ‘connect’.

Prominent Avoidance of ISP Throttling on Windows

Users not only experience the dropping of connection on smartphones and tablets but on laptops and PCs as well. Many users have complained about bandwidth throttling when they were browsing the internet. Usually, apps like Skype and download manager use the internet data. By closing these apps the browsing will consider a massive change in speed.

Also, you can bypass ISP throttling and experience the quality internet browsing by applying some tricks. The users of Safari and Opera can bypass throttling by enabling the ‘data saving mode’. This will reduce overall data compression in quick time.

These are the steps to enable data compression mode on windows:

  • Go to > ‘Browser Settings’.
  • Tab the ‘Bandwidth Management’.
  • Now click ‘Reduce Data Usage’.
  • Check the ‘Enable Compression’.

AT&T Throttling Workaround

AT&T was filed with a lawsuit by the FTC due to its practice of internet throttling. In 2014, AT&T was accused of throttling the internet data of their customers which were claimed as to be unlimited. Over 3.5 million users were affected because of this act.

You can trick the AT&T systems by interfacing with a VPN. Your entire web activity will seem nothing to them except ciphered text. Additionally, your web activity will be encrypted in a secure channel.

Comcast Throttling Netflix

Throttling is an action which performs by Comcast to minimize the extra usage of data signals. Whenever an internet traffic spike appears on the servers of Comcast in-regards to Netflix streaming or torrenting.

Suddenly, the Netflix user starts to lose the strength of bandwidth and becomes inadequate to complete the process. That moment the Comcast partialize the internet connection among all the clients.

The extermination of Comcast throttling can be ended by using a VPN software. It bypasses the throttling and maintains the internet speed. This opportune process can be through by changing the IP address of other location. It enables in achieving the fast speed and user would not be able to track for throttling by Comcast.

Verizon Data Throttling Hack

The most ideal approach to stop Verizon from throttling Netflix or YouTube is to utilize a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN service will help veil your browsing activity from Verizon.

Virtual private networks are neither unlawful nor dishonest to utilize. Most substantial organizations with a national and global proximity have been utilizing VPNs for a considerable length of time.

VPNs enable anybody with a web association with interface safely and secretly to a remotely found server. For organizations, that implies enabling telecommuters to interface with organization servers and access essential reports abide by the workplace.

When associated with the VPN server, any information going among you and the private server is vigorously scrambled and private. Neither Verizon nor any others can keep an eye on what you’re seeing.

ISP allocates a specific bandwidth limit for all user, the consumption of bandwidth results in you as bandwidth throttling. There are browsers and apps available for Android users that help in consuming less data which includes Onavo Extend and OperaMax.

Bypass ISP Data Cap with VPN

Data caps from ISPs are inevitable, means that an internet users cannot evade themselves. You cannot bypass data cap and that’s a fact. However, there are certain ways through which you can enjoy your internet usage a bit longer.

These are the methods which you can apply to bypass ISP data cap and have a smooth internet connection.

  • Install data compression in your browser.
  • Use a VPN utilizing compression.
  • Download data-saving apps.

Bypass ISP Throttling on uTorrent

One of the most widespread torrent website used by internet freaks is UTorrent. Unluckily, a number of ISPs limit your bandwidth and if you’ll begin your upload and download session on uTorrent, your ISP will surely throttle your internet speed and take quick action.

Internet users must thank VPNs who enables them to bypass ISP throttling on uTorrent. It maintains the anonymity of internet connection during the process of torrenting with fast speed. A VPN functions by paving your uTorrent data packets from their own servers, instead of your ISPs servers, thus bandwidth throttling bypassed.

Best VPN for Torrenting – P2P File Sharing

Stop ISP Throttling on YouTube

Whenever we talk about streaming videos on the web, YouTube is the first option for every internet user. Having its popularity amongst billions of people around the globe, watch videos from the category you desire ranging from news to gaming.

But wait, hold on for a second. Isn’t watching HQ videos without any sort of lag or buffering a difficult thing when your ISP is having a view of all the activities you do online and the routing of your internet traffic.

Just when you open YouTube and begin a video to stream on, your ISP throttles your internet and causes disruptions during playback. This issue can be solved when a VPN is enabled on your device, so if it is there, sideline ISP throttling and have the fun of unlimited streaming on YouTube with HD quality.

To check whether your YouTube streaming is being throttled or not, You need to visit Google Video Quality Report. This show how your internet is performing when interfacing with any of a YouTube server. If the rest of the sites work fine apart from YouTube, then it’s most likely that your YouTube connection is being throttled.

Stop Netflix Buffering or Throttling

Suppose you are watching a Netflix original and the video starts buffering, what actually happened? If your experience continuous buffers on Netflix then your ISP is throttling your internet usage.

To stop Netflix buffering or throttling, there’s the solution for every strenuous task and that is to use a VPN.

  • Install a Netflix VPN on your device.
  • Connect to an optimized server.
  • Choose the nearest location.
  • Click the button “connect”.

As stated above, your internet activity is concealed and your ISP is in no position to throttle your connection whatsoever. Do run a speed test on owned by Netflix.

If your internet speed appears lesser than the speed shown from a regular speed test platform, then your ISP is playing around with your Netflix connection.

More Tactics to Avoid ISP throttling

You can make use proxy servers to bypass ISP throttling. A proxy serves an intermediary with you and the server of the website you wish to access. It isn’t as efficient as a VPN, but it can become important when your VPN application is malfunctioning.

One more method to evade the throttling of ISP is by using Tor. Tor, abbreviated from The Onion Router, uses an onion routing method to surf on the web. Your request is transferred from server to server across the globe which makes it really slow.

However, if you feel skeptical of your privacy, then there’s no better option available than Tor. It blocks trackers from spying you down and you are never spied from any programs or websites. Most journalists and personalities utilize Tor for their research to be confidential.


ISPs have got more control over the browsing activities which has raised speed throttling as the biggest concern for users. ISP is a kind of invasion that is violating the equal rights and should be eliminated. We have suggested you different ways to bypass ISP throttling on above devices that will surely help you to regain the internet speed.


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