Bosch Permitted Driverless Vehicles for Rural Victoria

Bosch has been permitted by the government to test automated driving systems in countryside Victoria. The state has granted $2.3 million from the Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Trials Grant Program. Bosch is responsible for developing this automated vehicle technology and testing it on high-speed rural roads of Victoria.

“The trial is an exciting step towards driverless vehicles hitting the road,” said Jacinta Allen the acting premier.

Bosch is the first applicant to be granted the state’s permit to allow automated vehicles testing on the roads. The rest of the applicants are soon to be announced.

The new Automated Driving System (ADS) permit scheme was finalized in September which authorizes the operation of an automated vehicle. This permit allows the parties to test and develop computerized vehicles. Their speed, safety, and other capabilities are carefully monitored which enables the road authorities to supervise and manage the use and impact of automated vehicles on the roads.

Victorian roads in 2017 peaked up the interests of various companies, industry bodies, and other transport technology organizations to start-up funding for the development of automated vehicles especially when it had the potential to stop road accidents.

Bosch and the Victorian government made a $1.2 million investment along with Transport Accident Commission and VicRoads in 2016 to develop automated vehicles in Australia. The self-driving technology vehicles are currently under development by Bosch and will later be tested on the rural roads in late 2019.

The vehicles will be tested on high-speed rural roads and will be exposed to a range of different circumstances including traffic, weather, and infrastructure to check their capabilities.

“The trials will support Victoria’s readiness for CAV technologies and the knowledge gained will provide a better understanding of the infrastructure required to get these vehicles on the road, maximizing their safety benefits,” Allan’s statement explained.

Bosch Australia President Gavin Smith claims that the company is keen to start up the work on these vehicles to demonstrate how technology could contribute to road safety.

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