6 Major Industries Using Artificial Intelligence

It’s no surprise at this point that technology has started to takeover certain parts of our lives. I should rephrase, technology has already taken over most parts of our lives. We went from having wired-charging to wireless charging, from driving cars ourselves to driverless cars.

Some might think it’s just laziness of the human brain, but I’d like to think of it as technology helping humanity prosper. Similarly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm. AI technology offers a lot of prosperity, which is why nobody wants to get left behind.

Today there are a lot of industries that require the use of artificial intelligence or AI in everyday purposes. You’ll be learning what industries have implemented AI and how do they benefit from it.

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Industries that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There’s no lie in stating that AI benefits everyone. Without further delay, let’s find out what industries are using AI to enhance their productivity and benefits.

  • Medicinal and Healthcare Industry
  • Education Industry
  • Marketing Industry
  • Small Businesses
  • Retail and e-Commerce Industry
  • Cyber security Industry

1. Medicinal and Healthcare Industry

Medicinal and Healthcare industry has already implemented AI in a number of ways. The biggest benefit of implementing AI is to help people stay healthy so that they do not have to get a medical treatment, or at-least for a while. 

AI usage and the implementation of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is already helping people. Web and Mobile applications encourages healthier behavior in individuals.

It can be used to detect diseases at the earliest stage. Those diseases include, cancer. By using AI it is enabling review and translation of mammograms 30 times faster with 99% accuracy. Unnecessary biopsies are not required anymore.

AI can also be used beyond scanning health records to determine chronically ill patients. AI can help doctors take a more comprehensive approach for disease management and help patients to manage their treatment programs more easily.

2. Education Industry

AI has changed the traditional ways of operations in the education industry, drastically. The world of education is now becoming more convenient due to the implementation of artificial intelligence.

In the academic world, AI is being utilized in many different scenarios. AI is being used to simplify administrative tasks. AI can be used to automate the administrative duties of teachers and academic institutions. Countless amounts of time is lost due to grading tests which AI can handle pretty well.

AI enhances personalized learning. It’s similar to the recommendations that Netflix offers, when you’re done watching a show. In the same way, the technology is being used to help students decide in what way they want to learn and what way does it benefit them the most.

3. Marketing Industry

AI in the marketing industry otherwise known as as data-driven marketing has taken the world by storm. It enables marketers to create highly personalized consumer experiences and strategies that cost a lot less than it would in a traditional marketing strategy.

AI can be used to gain a deeper understanding of your audience. Using big data analysis, marketers can know what’s going on in the head of the consumer audience and how can they leverage it to benefit their business.

However, these aren’t the only ways AI can help the marketing industry reach a new level. Ai can be used to optimize digital ad campaigns. While there may be many solutions to optimize digital ad campaigns but using AI gives you the upper-hand for deeper insight and data analysis.

4. Small Businesses

Small businesses can also implement and use artificial intelligence to further benefit their businesses and take it to the next level. Whether it’s AI or future warfare. It all revolves around data. 

If you tons of relevant data about your audience, you can leverage it to stay ahead of your competitors or in some cases, get ahead of them. Using AI tools to help leverage sales is another use case of small businesses. 

AI tools such as Gong, Jog, and Chorus were developed to help increase conversions for small businesses. Data from every sale is recorded, which includes conversation on phones. The data is then analysed to create and determine new strategies for conversions.

AI can be used to implement chat bots. Chat bots can be used to reply to customer queries 24/7. So you do not have to worry about losing a customer just because your customer support employee was taking a nap.

5. Retail and e-Commerce Industry

AI is continuously shaping the buying and selling experience for both shoppers and vendors. It is adding more and more personalisation and intelligence in the way we shop, sell goods and services.

AI in e-Commerce follows a hybrid model, in-order to maximize the benefits of AI in the industry, it requires a little human help as well. However, in the future all of these things can be done by AI itself.

AI is used for optimizing search results. Contextualizing, optimizing and narrowing search results specifically for online buyers is very crucial. AI can make use of natural language processing, visual search and audio recognition to determine what are the needs of buyer.

It can be used for competitive intelligence, in the e-commerce industry. Omni-channel service providers can use AI to determine the steps their rivals are taking and can act in real time to mitigate those effects and preserve their dominance.

6. AI In Cyber Security

Cyber security is a major concern for every bit of technology that connects to the internet. Which is why the need to adopt AI in the cyber security industry arises. AI can help detect intrusions and other vulnerabilities twice as fast than a human mind.

It can be implemented to detect fraud, malware, intrusions, vulnerabilities and risks in a network, and user-machine behavioral changes. Also, AI enhances cyber security measures.

AI is the future of cyber security whether you accept it or not. Telecom companies are stating facts, that the more we advance in terms of technologies that harder the exploits and vulnerabilities will be to detect which is why the use of AI is essential to prevent data breaches.


AI is often related with the notorious “sky-net” that’ll go rogue and turn the machines against mankind. AI can be of help in many different things to humans.

Artificial Intelligence is the way to go in every industry. The benefits outweigh the disadvantages of AI. 

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