Six Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019

2018 was an interesting year in terms of cybersecurity. Some of the biggest tech giants suffered losses and damaging breaches. There were many victims such as Facebook, Macy’s and Kmart, Adidas, Amazon, and Cathay Pacific to name a few.

Furthermore, the dangerous VPN Filter malware which exposed routers and network storage attacks to new dangers also surfaced in 2018.

According to the cybersecurity statistics, there has been an alarming rise in cyber-attacks in 2018. All in all, it was a pretty busy year for all the cybersecurity followers and tech journalists out there.

Now with 2019 here, I along with a few cybersecurity analysts sat together to ponder upon the expected happenings in this year.

Yes, we drew out predictions and no, we did not do this by crouching over a crystal ball and chanting incoherent words.

Predictions are basically the conclusions drawn out after looking at facts and figures. Predictions are not news and shouldn’t be taken as one!

In the spirit of new beginnings here I present you the most likely occurrences of 2019. Here are 6 key predictions:

1. Cyberwar among nations

It’s not necessary that it will start off as a massive full blown war. There are bound to be a few skirmishes here and there rather than a battle.

However, it is most likely that the cyberwarfare among the top players- China, Russia, and the United States will most likely disrupt the world order and sabotage international relations.

These attacks can range from election rigging to simple data breaches.

Events like Stuxnet, DDoS Attacks against Estonia as well Wanna Cry Attack are more likely to increase in number.

Remember when there was a power break down in Russia suffered by almost a quarter million Ukrainians due to a cyber-attack in Christmas of 2015? Similar events will most likely occur in 2019.

With technology being extremely advanced in this digital era the probabilities of cyberwarfare are countless. With numerous vulnerable targets such as nuclear plants, chemical plants as well as outer space satellites cyber mayhem can effortlessly occur.

As there are many targets, all one needs for a cyberwar is a few highly skilled hackers rather than a fully-fledged military dropping bombs and firing weapons.

2. Inflexible internet

With the recent net neutrality laws that are being introduced, there are high chances that the internet is going to be much stricter.

Countries such as Thailand are imposing strict laws in an attempt to control the people.

These laws will overlook the content being posted on social media platforms.  People will only be allowed to display only the material that has been approved by the government.

Furthermore, they will also provide the government the liberty to confiscate the local people’s data as well as devices.

These measures will be taken to have a strict watch over the people and to ensure supremacy.

With such laws over the horizon, the internet is bound to be sterner than ever!

3. Multi-factor authentication replaces passwords

In light of recent advancements in various types of authentication mechanism, it seems we may be attending the funerals of passwords.

As there are various kinds of bio-metric scans available, the password system is bound to get outdated.

Furthermore, as there seems to be a rapid rise of cyber-attacks, the tech analysts are now voting in favor of multi-factor authentication.

Yeah, it is heck annoying to repeatedly put in authentications and to go through with various steps. But this method can effectively reduce if not end cyber-attacks.

4. Decline of ransomware

Recently, according to some statistics, there has been a decline of ransomware attacks in 2018 since 2017.

It is predicted that the rate of ransomware attacks is bound to fall as criminals are now coming up with other ways of gaining money.

Crypto jacking is the latest technique that the hackers are using. And with a lot of hi-tech tools available, it is not necessary for the criminal to have a high skill set too.

Furthermore, the number of victims of crypto jacking is rapidly increasing. In light of this, crypto jacking will remain a threat in the upcoming days. And it will surely take over ransomware.

5. The rise of cybersecurity concerns

With the significant rise in cyber attacks in 2018, significant enterprises, as well as small companies, are going to step up their cybersecurity.

Shareholders, customers, and partners will seek the corporate leaders of the company to be responsible for data breaches. Cybersecurity will be the main topic of discussion in boardroom meetings.

With the hackers becoming smarter and the invention of new hacking tools, corporations will look up ways to protect themselves.

Small to mid-size agencies will work on finding as well as securing themselves from possible cybersecurity risks.

Companies will invest in cybersecurity and will require a highly efficient IT team.

Cybersecurity training will thrive, and the leading companies will require master graduates in cybersecurity.

6. AI and Machine Learning, a tool against cybercrime

Researchers and cyber analysts are rapidly working on the development of AI and machine learning. It will soon be a powerful tool against cyber attacks.

Already most of the authentication systems use AI and machine learning. Now both of these technologies are evolving, for usage in cyber-crimes.

AI will also be embedded into cell phones and other various devices too, to protect the individuals against cyber attacks.

It will also be used to make individuals aware of cybersecurity threats. Even the dangers of sharing personal information in exchange for downloading various applications will also be deflected by AI.

Thus AI and machine learning development are proving to be a brightening aspect of 2019.

Parting words

With technology getting much more advanced the hackers and cyber-criminals are stepping up their ways of criminal activities.

The hackers are pitching new methods of cybersecurity. In this aspect, the times seem somewhat bleak in terms of cybersecurity.

The fact that people are however working up ways to protect themselves is a ray of light amidst the darkness!

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