Best VPN for Torrenting – P2P File Sharing 2018


In recent times, all developed countries have approved the copyright laws which empowers the ISPs and surveillance agencies to defend the certified identity of a document or file. But still, the inflation rate of internet users for this purpose is not in control of the government.

The immense number of Internet users are applying the best VPN for torrenting to enhance their online security comprehensive with data protection. A massive range of VPNs are existing to take care of this request but internet users are in confusion to take a decision regarding the reliable VPN.

A VPN for torrenting secures your data through the support of advanced encryption and conventions. Therefore, if a hacker enters into your network and tries to access the information, will only see the activities converted into chipper text. This ensures the level of protection torrenting VPN gives to complete the process.

Best VPN for Torrenting & P2P File Sharing – 2018

Rank Providers Price Discount
1 NordVPN $3.99 – Per month 66% Off
2 ExpressVPN $8.33 – Per month 35% Off
3 PureVPN $3.54 – Per month 68% Off
4 PIA VPN $3.33 – Per month 12% Off

How The Best VPN for Torrenting Is Perfect Choice?

The best VPN for torrenting not just secure your online identity from ISPs and surveillance but it gives you the anonymity over the download of countless torrents. That saves you connection leaking information to hackers while using a P2P network.

When you connect your computer with P2P file sharing it generates thousands of nodes which gives a clear path for data snoopers to gain the access and controls the sensitive information. With the best VPN for torrenting data becomes encrypted and hackers are unable to locate the required system from his end.



ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgins Island with their servers spread across over 90 countries. This makes ExpressVPN considerable as the best VPN for torrenting because it never compromises on speed. This is a bonus for the ones who wish to download files using P2P networks.

ExpressVPN takes care is that it offers internet kill switch. It ensures encryption along with the strongest protocols available for VPNs. Neither are activity logs kept, nor connection logs. Customer support is available for the clients via chat and E-mail.

An extra category which makes them a feasible VPN for torrenting is their 24/7 available chatbots and the blazing fast speed their servers possess. ExpressVPN may be a bit costly but it maintains your online anonymity with a strong internet connection. There’s even a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t find things favoring in your way.



NordVPN is basically a Panama-based VPN, was developed in 2012 by a group of four members. It is listed among the best VPN for torrenting as it provides efficient protection from copyrights violations and evades the blockage of torrent sites. NordVPN secures the internet traffic from the reach of surveillance by passing it through P2P Servers.

NordVPN hides the location of an individual connected to the internet through VPN client. It assigns shared IP addresses and converts the data into chipper text by applying AES Algorithm. NordVPN provides massive anonymity by taking the data into different stages of encryption. This makes the data safe from hackers to reach the actual source of logs.

NordVPN enhances the internet by the implication double-hop servers. The mechanism changes the IP address and routes the traffic to a particular website. This is a non-stoppable action of torrent VPN to secure the operations of the internet. NordVPN servers  encrypt the data and send filtered traffic to Tor server which conveyed to the internet.

The Issue with Common Torrent VPNs

Some torrenting VPNs advertise that they offer true no-logs policy, but the tests have confirmed that VPNs are leaking your data and IP address. According to an in-depth study of VPNs, 84% percent of the VPNs lack encryption and leak protection due to lack of IPv6 support.

The mission of encryption and traffic leak protection can allow the harvesting of data by the surveillance agencies and ISP. Also, there are some torrent VPNs that have lied about their no-logs policy and instead handed over the logs to agencies which include PureVPN and HideMyAss.

PureVPN was found handing the logs to the law enforcement agencies over the cyber-stalking case while stating the no-logs policy. Similarly, HideMyAss helped the US agencies in tracking the hacker who was involved in “LulzSec fiasco” by handing over its logs to them, consequently getting him apprehended.

How To Select The Best VPN for Torrenting

Following are the aspects torrent lovers must consider recognizing the best VPN for torrenting because it ensures the convenience of P2P severs along with encrypted traffic.

Fast Speed

When you start to download a torrent of a movie or TV show through P2P file sharing it sends an invitation to ISP on the unexpected usage of bandwidth. The ISP suddenly starts throttling the internet connection which increases the actual time period of a specific file.

In such conditions, it is recommended to use best VPN for torrenting because it has offers dedicated VPN servers for torrenting which changes your original IP address and endlessly maintains your internet bandwidth and safes your time from consumption.

P2P Optimized Servers

It is a suggestion to choose a server which is located outside of your own country. Anyone monitoring you will have to come in front of two different dominions. This is not easy to do so and even if one is able to do so he will have to encounter the encryption layer of the VPN protecting you.

Opt for the server that has its influence on your network. The nearest you are from your server, the speedier your connection will be. Some best torrent VPN optimize a few servers for P2P which have far quicker download speeds.

Logging Policy

The torrent VPN must be logless, which means it doesn’t record and spare data about your movement. This can mean execution details used to enhance the item or information about what you’re taking a gander at and downloading, which is utilized to construct better highlights. In a perfect world, the supplier gathers no data and consequently can’t be hacked or pressured into surrendering data about clients.


For torrenters, bandwidth throttling is absolutely dreadful. You might’ve seen an instant fall in your download speed after downloading files up to specific limits. VPN providers throttle bandwidth to not experience burden. Thus, lesser downloading and low-quality streaming takes place. It’s your sole right to question your torrenting VPN whether it throttles your bandwidth or not.

Security Protocol

The advance use of technology has allowed VPN for torrents to introduce secure tunnel protocols are compulsory for anonymity. IPSec/L2TP tunneling protocols ensure top-notch protection with 256-bit encryption when you upload or download torrents from various sites.

  • PPTP convention only provides 128-bit standard encryption which is absolutely not recommended for torrenting.
  • The VPNs for torrent provided ahead offer L2TP/IPSec protocol at economical rates to experience torrenting safely and securely.

Internet Kill Switch

An internet kill switch is a strong characteristic provided by certain VPNs for torrenting. It keeps track that a client’s IP address should not be exposed on the web if the VPN connection disconnects. In order to enhance identity protection, it instantly drops the internet connection when a VPN is mistakenly closed. This results in no data spilling.

If the kill switch is not enabled and your device itself connects to the internet. Thus, transferring your actual IP address and location. So, you are on the radar of hackers, ISPs, and surveillance agencies. A VPN for torrent with the internet kill switch feature is extremely important for torrenting.

NAT Firewall

There are number of VPNs for torrent with built-in NAT firewall. They block connections from peers over a P2P Network and other untrusted interfaces. This stops torrents, which rely on P2P connections to function effectively.

You might have access to disable NAT firewall from the settings. If not, port forwarding will be a suitable option. A best VPN for torrenting assigns a unique port to be used for P2P traffic. Torrent users must design their BitTorrent client to have access to this port. The user will have to contact the customer support if the port is not on the VPN provider’s website.

Port Forwarding

Among torrenters, this is a controversial topic. Some say that this improves their download speeds by giving access to torrent clients to connect with more peers. In argument, others say this is not necessary and this undervalues user privacy.

P2P activity is easier to trace back to the single user. NAT Firewall even reduces download speed. This problem can be solved by allowing torrent traffic to route through a unique port in NAT Firewall.

Check The Best VPN for Torrenting Leaking IP Address

IP leak is a nightmare for torrent users since it exposes their actual identity to copyright owners, government agencies, and ISPs. A VPN does protect the user’s traces and identity but when using a torrent, a user must crosscheck his privacy. To test whether your IP address is being leaked or not, run an IP-address check for torrent IP and normal leaks.

If any sort of traffic is not routed through a secure encrypted tunnel, a user ends up in the eyes of copyright trolls and hefty fines. Conduct an IP leak test and when it is completed, the user will be displayed a report showing IP address which is being used by a torrent client to interface with various peers. This IP address must be different than the actual IP address of any client.

Determine your online privacy on Ipleak. If a VPN is being run and you see your real IP address or even your ISP’s name on the leak page then you are suffering from IP leaks which can land you in the hands of copyright trolls.

For further security, use an anti-virus to protect yourself while torrenting. Do not access any torrent that seems suspicious, and do not open any file with the “.exe” and “.bat” extension.


Though there are a variety of torrent VPN providers, the one with the fast speed and the perfect server coverage will be in handy. A list of best VPNs for torrenting have been jotted, with the criteria considered above.

Use any of the best VPN for torrenting, gain one-click access to unlimited torrents. 100% protection from hackers and secure anonymity against DMCA, Copyright trolls, and ISP surveillance are other significant benefits.


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