The Best VPN Services 2017


The emergence of VPN is not an unpredicted or unreasonable situation. The immense increase in cyber attacks and data thefts have pushed up the internet users to think about their privacy. For, this most of them have ended up with the selection of best VPN service, however, for the ones still finding an appropriate solution we have gathered vital information about the VPN providers.

Any technology or device getting unusual popularity by the general public is also a big concern for the people with malicious deeds. That’s why many of the VPN services are available online but you never know the authentic one.

Best VPN Service Providers

Therefore, the trusted best VPN providers are discussed below to help readers while selecting a VPN for themselves.


ExpressVPNExpressVPN is among the trend builders of best VPN market because they directly focus the performance of VPN and covers all the aspect security and privacy. It is located in the British Virgin Islands where the internet freedom is not controlled by the government. But still, the firm is investing in privacy because their belief lies in resolving the concerns of people.

It uses 256-encryption which is the strongest and unbreakable technology and only in use by military agencies for securing the data. ExpressVPN has a wide range of VPN servers which are capable of evading the surveillance with complete anonymity.

ExpressVPN is compatible with all the operating systems and devices. Also, it allows manual configuration where the VPN client is not supportable. The VPN can function on three devices at a similar time because that helps in securing the boundaries for internet users.

The internet kill switch is a new inclusion to security features because when the connection drops it blocks the internet activities from leaking to the local network.

ExpressVPN is multi-tasking as it disconnects ISP from limiting the bandwidth and makes the connection secured for downloading files applying P2P network.


nordvpnNordVPN is with the intent to make the internet a superior place for users by protecting the security and privacy of users. Their main headquarter is located in the Panama where the internet laws don’t exist.

To accomplish the core purpose which is safeguarding the user’s data NordVPN has introducing privacy tools like DNS leak protection and Anti-DDoS which can deal with all kind of hurdles either shaped by ISPs or hackers.

NordVPN integrated double VPN which encrypts the data twice and changes into the dynamic formula. The information becomes unreadable for surveillance agency except to whom with you are sharing the information.

Also, NordVPN has presented the combination of Tor over VPN which has significantly increased the security and popularity of Tor. First, the internet traffic goes to NordVPN Server which encrypts the traffic and sends it to the Tor browser. This process has maximized the protection of data.


purevpnPureVPN has aimed to challenge those entities who are destroying the internet freedom. That enables their research team to think out of the box and design those innovative ideas to tackle the privacy concerns and help in gaining the competitive advantage in the VPN industry.

Previously, they launched the ‘Purpose section’ with all VPN client. It gives users value which consists of security and privacy, internet freedom, streaming and P2P file sharing. This function excludes the manual process of selecting the levels of encryption, speed, and anonymity.

PureVPN is more than just a best VPN service because they are continuously monitoring the browsing experience which led them to offer Antivirus, Add blocker and Content filter to enhance the performance of browsers.

PureVPN inducted another feature called as ‘split tunneling’ that enables the users to either send all the data packs of the computer through an encrypted channel or public network. It increases the internet speed and enhances the performance of VPN.

Logging policy

Whatever the internet activities a user performs it converts into data packs and transfer through VPN on the internet. When your data reaches the VPN service the control of internet browsing shifts to VPN service. Now it’s up to VPNs either to record those activities or let them go to internet servers.

Still, lots of VPN services are maintaining the records of logs which they might share with third parties such as advertising firms to support them in targeting the right customer for their product.

Best VPNs that are operating in different countries have already mentioned in their policies about not keeping logs of their users. Means your data is going through a securely encrypted tunnel and it cannot be decoded.

DNS leak protection

People use the best VPN service to mask their IP address and makes data complete invisible from the range of ISP and surveillance. When computer originates the traffic it transfers through encrypted tunnels which keep the data undetectable.

VPN has its own limitations of converting that data into the encrypted form. The DNS leak happens when users stream high quality videos or download files. Because that time computer generates massive data packages for VPN service and crosses the limit of accepting the data. Then it routes the unencrypted information to ISP which means your DNS has leaked.

VPN kill switch

Users frequently experience the sudden drop in the network while connected with VPN. It happens when your ISP controls or limits the speed. The time your connection drops the information becomes available for a public network where hackers and data snoopers are already in position to track the user activities.

To avoid such incidents where safety element is thin, Best VPNs has introduced the kill switch which halts the internet from sharing the data. That means your data becomes protected from leaking to the public network.


In all developed countries, the retention and surveillance laws exist which record your text messages, internet browsing, and phone calls information. There are countries where these laws are designed to force VPN providers over the sharing of user’s data. otherwise, they’re not allowed to operate from that country. 

That’s the reason best VPN services are operating for other countries instead of developed countries. Because each country has its own privacy laws which are only applicable if you exist in that country, otherwise, VPN providers can function with complete freedom.

Crypto payment method

If you’re sending the payment for the purchase of VPN service through a banking channel then your transaction becomes a permanent record. It is used as evidence by the government agencies to punish you for the illegal action.

The internet cryptocurrency is intangible and decentralized, means a complete public entity which can be operated from various countries and it is not controlled by the government. This currency was introduced to send and receive payment with anonymity and complete security.

Now, Best VPNs have joined with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum to make the VPN transactions hidden from the reach of government. In those countries where VPN transactions are blocked, people can use this process to subscribe a VPN because they can never be traced by the government authorities.


With all the discussed details and basic information about the Virtual Private Network, now you must have a clear mind. Also, some facts would help you in selecting a service for yourself which doesn’t contain security lacks.


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