Best Pop-Up Blockers To Improve Browsing

The sudden appearance of ads and pop-ups are literally annoying for anybody using his favorite site peacefully. To overcome such annoying ads and pop up, use of the best pop-up blockers are required which stop them from appearing on the websites. These pop-ups not only ruin the user experience but also make the websites working slow.

Additionally, they also pose a great risk to security by making you install fake update or antivirus. Thus, we decided to come up with the best pop up blockers which will definitely assist you in making online privacy better.

The Significance of Pop-up Blockers

The pop-up blocker or the pop-up killer is meant to stop pop-ups from appearing on the web browser as most of the pop-ups are malicious. Pop-up blocking helps in various ways such as they close the windows before the pop-up appears, disables the option that calls the pop-up and alters the HTML.

It cannot be said that all pop-ups are bad rather pop-ups like the newsletter are often intended to promote the website instead of some trash content. However, a common error with the pop blocking has been that the pop-up blockers fail to differentiate between the nasty pop-up window and the one that has been requested by the user.

Use of the pop-up blockers results in enhanced loading speed, security from nasty malware, unwanted hitting of advertisement, and uninterrupted use of web pages etc.

Browsers with Built-in Pop-up Blockers

Since the early 2000s, the web browsers have included pop-up blockers. Handling of pop-ups for each browser is different. Below are some web browsers that have built-in pop-up blockers.

Google Chrome

google chrome

It has a built-in option for pop-up blocking which can be configured by hovering your mouse on the Three-dot icon -> Settings -> Show advanced settings -> under ‘Privacy’ select ‘Content settings’ -> under ‘Pop-ups’, select ‘Do not to allow any site to show pop-ups’.

All kinds of sample pop-ups from were cleared by the Google Chrome. Yet, the browser did not pass the native ad test from Along with the troublesome pop-ups, all different ads appeared. To add trusted URLs, add exceptions can be added to Google’s pop-up blocker. Google Chrome also contains tracking cookie blocker. The web browser has a good built-in pop-up blocker performance yet not outstanding.

Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox has few features for its built-in pop-up blocker. There exist a white-listing feature for different websites along with the feature of blocking pop-ups and tracking cookies. Firefox did not fail the testing by yet it also blocked good pop ups.

You can access the pop-up blocker settings by clicking Menu button -> Options -> Content panel -> Uncheck Block pop-up Windows (this will disable all pop ups).



Opera has been recognized as a web browser which offers good privacy features along with the best pop-up blocking. The browser offers a cookie tracking blocker, built-in VPN, and blocking of on-page ads. Moreover, it passed all testing from the

Opera is best ad blocking browser as compared to other web browsers and third party blockers in its functionality. It also allowed good pop ups to load and blocked the unwanted pop ups by IP filtering. Thus it is considered as the best blocking ads web browser.

UC browser

uc browser

There are no separate settings in UC browser for blocking pop ups. The same function that controls ad blocking is also responsible for the pop-up blocking. This feature can lead to difficulties for the legitimate website owners who depend on the advertisements so you must consider white-listing the websites that you visit very often.

It is easy to access the settings on UC browser for Android and iPhone, open UC browser -> Settings (at the bottom of the screen) -> Adblock -> toggle Adblock on.

Apple Safari


Unnecessary content that keeps on displaying on your screen should be prevented. Yet, such kind of blocking might also block the content which is useful.

You can access the settings on Safari by Choosing Safari -> Preferences -> Security -> Block pop-up windows.

Add-ons And Extensions to Block pop-ups

The best ad and pop-up blocker is all you need for a continuous browsing experience. Ad and pop-up blockers not only prevent you from the projection of unwanted pop ups on your screen but also prevent widgets from sending your data to the advertiser.

It is the user’s right to choose what ad should be blocked from appearing and what should be allowed. Besides configuring the settings of blocking pop ups, there are such extensions available which let you control the flow of ads on your screen.

uBlock Origin

ublock origin

The uBlock Origin is best ad blocker because it gives the major control in your hands for what should be blocked and what should not be. It is quite light-weighted and uses the mere amount of memory as compared to other ad-blockers.

However, uBlock Origin might be too technical for the new users and one may find that it is blocking way more content than it should. This will need customization which may be difficult for a less tech savvy person. Yet if you are good at handling such stuff then uBlock Origin is best ad blocker for you.

Adblock Plus

adblock plus

It blocks pop-up ads, banner ads, rollover ads and much more. This ad blocker also prevents you from visiting known malware-hosting domains. It disables the tracking cookies and scripts from the third-party advertisers. Not just this there is much stuff that can be done besides ad blocking.

Adblock Plus is easy to use, has on and off toggling, hands-off management and white-listing capabilities. It is very useful for the users who aren’t technical, they can just enable it and use it while for the users who can manage the technical stuff, and they can go through the different subscription lists and tweak the active lists they use.



It is the blocker with most of the features. It allows you to enable or disable a surplus amount of sub blocking lists. You are also free to add your own rules and create custom filter packages by using sophisticated web rules editor.

Yes, you can also white-list sites via a Safari extension. It is as fast as Ka-Block and is also updated regularly.

Pop up Blocker Pro

pop up blocker pro

Pop-up blocker pro is all that an average user wants for a smooth web experience. It is a light weighted pop-up blocker which is a free solution for your Google Chrome browser. Pop-up blocker pro is easy to install and is lesser in file size.

It also notifies you whenever any pop up is blocked. You can also add sites to the whitelist in order to ignore notifications. The white list is also synchronized to all signed in Chrome browsers.



This is a content blocker for Safari that prevents tracking scripts and ads which slow down your browsing experience. This minimalist blocker uses 68K-light JSON filter list. It blocks almost every tracker and unnecessary ads without affecting browsing routine.

You can also reload a site without blocker just by tapping long the reload icon on the address bar of Safari which means you will not have to create a white-list for every other site.



Adamant blocks content, popovers and evades the invisible tracking script which not only compromises your privacy but they also intrude during important tasks. This add-on browses the web page faster and betters your browsing experience.

The feature for reporting issues is also available which needs a form to be filled and they will fix the problem for you.


Reading on the internet triggers your attention when the frustrating ads and pop ups fly across your desktop, nevertheless, you have now learned how to block ads and pop ups. With the built-in pop up blocking web browsers such as Google, Opera, Firefox, Opera, UC browser and Safari, you can get rid of them.

We provided you with all information regarding the best ad and pop up blockers in this article so now you don’t have to worry about the dangerous pop-ups as you equip yourself by using these. Hope that this will help you to surf the internet safely and effortlessly.

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