The 5 Best Password Managers 2018

Almost everyday users have to deal with the incredible number of passwords to login into different platforms. To make password remember most people use similar passwords or easy phrases which they can memorize it. Both of these steps are not good for the security of their account.

To enhance the security of credentials it’s important to use the best password managers which keep information protected. It generates the secure password for one and this reduces the chances of getting hacked. The password managers act like digital gatekeeper function from your browser and fill the login details on each website you visit.

What you have to do with the best password manager is just to keep the master password for the manager very much secure and the latter shall be done by the password manager itself. Let’s first tell you why a Password manager is so essential.

Why Should Use Password Manager?

There are chances of getting hacked if you are not using a strong and unique password for your accounts. A password must be consist of upper and lower mix letters, symbols, and numbers which make it completely secure. Those who are not on similar guidelines then it’s an invitation for cyber criminals to hack their accounts.

According to a research, 55% of users are using a similar password for their social and bank accounts. In case, if any account gets hacked it will reveal the other accounts information.

However, if you are using different passwords for each account still there are chances that they might not be as strong as they should be. Another thing that users don’t change their password on time. Because of These reasons, the use of best password manager comes into existence and protects your details from hackers and data snoopers.

Things To Consider For A Password Manager?

While choosing the password manager look for various security features, particularly encryption, auto-fill and two-factor authentication.

Encryption of login credentials, installation on various devices for a single account and it can store a number of passwords. A reliable password manager every-time generates a new and strong password it also updates the software on a timely basis.

Auto-fill feature keeps your credit-card number and other information which is often used by you, it helps you in filling the online forms quickly and easily.

Best Password Managers


Hackers were unable to decrypt any password and even the employees of LastPass cannot decrypt the details. Yet, there were chances that the master password hints may have been revealed. Although none of the data got stolen yet the LastPass send out the notification to all users to update their master password.


LastPass fills forms and credit card details, generate a strong password and have strong data syncing. It stores usernames and passwords along with other data which you configured to remember. It is the best password manager as it continuously checks your progress for online privacy and tells you the areas where improvements need to be done.

Multifactor Authentication: To make sure that your LastPass account is secure, use 2FA. There are two ways of doing it, the first method sends you a code by which you can log in to your LastPass account. The second method downloads the app which generates a six digit code, you can change after every 30 seconds so the numbers are never similar. Both of these ways make it iron hard for the hackers to access your LastPass account.

Password Generator: Another feature of LastPass is the generator tool which creates most complex long passwords which are impossible to hack. Moreover, you can choose the length and types of characters to make it pronounceable. Then save the new password in your vault without leaving the current log I page you are on.

IE Anywhere: LastPass extension gets installed when you log in to your LastPass vault from any browser. This can result in problems if you are not allowed to install extensions on some computer without permission. Thus, the LastPass offers to its premium users to download IE Anywhere and save it to a thumb drive.

When it is used it gives full access to program feature without relying on a browser extension. This is the best password manager which allows its use on off-brand browsers for which no extension exists. For sure, using a public computer is a bad idea yet you would be surprised to know that IE Anywhere leaves no traces in the file system or registry.


Dashlane proves itself as the best password manager by a number of features. It is easy to use, has password sharing capabilities. Also, it is able to change all or selected number of passwords with a single click, password strength report and sets an emergency contact on your account.


Digital Wallet: This allows you to store online payments in the Dashlane’s online wallet. Due to automatic form fill online purchasing becomes easy and fast. Moreover, it frees you from the worries of storing payment types on the sites in case the website gets hacked.

Security: Security is the first priority of Dashlane. It uses AES-256 encryption which is the strongest encryption in the world up till now.  Encrypted data of yours can be stored locally on our device or can be synced with all your devices.

For more protection, you can enable two-factor authentication. Accessing your stored passwords requires the use of a master password which is not kept anywhere.

Password Changer: Dashlane is now offering password changer feature which sets them at distance from the competition. This recent feature allows you to update your passwords all together which saves your time while making your passwords more secure.


RoboForm is a web-based password manager which offers its users to sign in from any internet enabled device and then access their passwords. This has been considered a leader in the industry since a long time. RoboForm is easy-to-use software which allows you to log in, save passwords and retrieve saved passwords.


Auto-save features: It can save personal information automatically such as addresses, names, birthday along with the passwords.

Multifactor authentication option: This feature in the RoboForm enables the users to make sure that only the registered devices can access an account. It includes three types of factors hardware or software token, a password or security question and a fingerprint or retina scan. Enabling this feature will need the presence of at least two factors in order to log in the RoboForm account.

Security: There is no doubt that the web-based feature of RoboForm is quite convenient yet it can make it effortless for the hackers and other unauthorized people to exploit the password manager. For the RoboForm users, cloud and online storage is just an option and they can make a choice for storing information only a PC for improved security.


It is an open source platform and is totally free. End-to-end encryption is offered which uses a strong AES-256 cipher with Sha-256 hash authentication. KeePass stores your passwords on your laptop, mobile device or desktop.


KeePass is a strong and customizable password manager which can run on various modern desktop and mobile platforms. Yet it is quite technical due to which non-technical users may feel intimidated by it. For adding browser integration, plug-ins are available.

Password Generator: KeePass automatically populates each time you enter a new password with a password generator. It also allows you to configure a lot of settings to adjust the password generator.

The password generator also lets you generate passwords on demand. The password generator feature of KeePass breaks the fourth category of punctuation and lets you include space character as well as high-ANSI character like ü and Ñ.

Auto-Type and Application Password: The KeePass does not automatically capture credentials when you log in to secure sites yet it does it in a semi-automatic way. Semi-automatically it fills in the credentials for you by using a feature called Auto-Type.  To fill in the saved credentials this feature literally simulates typing at the keyboard.

Database Synchronization: KeePass manages its database in local storage and not on the cloud, as we mentioned above. When data is kept locally it minimizes the possibility of a data breach.


The list of 5 best password managers comes to an end with 1Password. It is capable of generating a tougher password for you. It can store private information other than passwords. Two-step verification is also enabled in this password manager.

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Secure Password Sharing: This is the best password manager for you if you share your passwords with family members, friends, and co-workers. Secure sharing of passwords is a big concern. Securing all your passwords just for copy pasting your login details in an email or IM does not make sense. 1Password will allow you to share your passwords securely with the other users of 1Password.

Watchtower: 1Password has this amazing feature called Watchtower which checks your loins for the known vulnerabilities and notifies you when a password needs to be changed. If it detects any website as vulnerable then it will notify you immediately so that you can update the password.


For online security and privacy, the passwords are the most important thing that must be secured at once and password managers. Choosing the best password manager is important because a password manager will protect all your significant data. Every password manager gives different experience from each other.

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