Best Kodi Addons for All Purposes

Kodi is a software which is specially designed for the purpose of home entertainment and it is completely a free media center. It can be modified by using add-ons according to your requirements. Kodi was introduced in 2004 by a nonprofit organization known as XBMC Foundation and it can install on multiple devices. Kodi updating procedure is done by specialized developers around the world.

You can Kodi configure according to your needs yet, the most instant way of getting Kodi that fits your needs by using extension or add-on. There are numerous Kodi add-ons available that you can select according to your purpose.

Kodi Add-ons are bits of codes that are capable of customizing the Kodi. After certain period Add-ons goes offline. Normally, third party add-ons were blocked by the law enforcement authorities. However, we have mentioned the best Kodi add-ons for different purposes includes videos, music, TV, and geo-restricted locations.

Which Is The Best Add-on For Kodi?

Many of you will be looking for the best addon for Kodi that works efficiently. Well, the most competent add-on for Kodi is Covenant. It was introduced as a replacement of Exodus. The Covenant add-on is also developed by the same team that launches the Exodus. The Covenant became popular because of its amazing deliverance.

This addon had and is constantly beating all other addons and the reason behind its success is the wide range is content. Covenant offers a wide variety of famous TV shows, movies and other media for online streaming. TV shows including Game of Thrones, House of Cards and American Gods can be viewed using this addon and movies such as John Wick 2, Wonder Woman, Dunkirk, and Okja is also available.

Top 10 Best Kodi Add-ons

  1. Genesis Reborn
  2. Exodus
  3. Beatz
  5. Maverick TV
  6. BOB
  7. Flixanity
  8. SafeHouse Movies
  9. Quantum
  10. MetalliQ

Best Kodi Video Add-ons

Watching videos is the best way of passing your time and enjoying the weekend for anyone. Every user wants a wide range of videos for streaming. The video add-ons for Kodi allow you to watch videos with amazing streaming experience. You can install the Kodi add-ons for uninterrupted streaming.


The video add-ons category got a new face with the introduction of Flixanity. It has best TV shows and movies with an interface that is easy to use. This add-on offers its viewers a good streaming experience which is why it is for sure the best addon for watching videos.

It is a giant platform where people from around the world can communicate. It has divided into two sub-reddit specified according to the topics. The Reddit add-on allows you to watch any video on Kodi. As Reddit is the place where millions of people share videos every day, this is the reason that Reddit is the best addon for viewing videos. Moreover, followers are allowed to play, add and remove videos directly on Kodi.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Music

Releasing stress by listening to your favorite song is what Music is all about. Music add-ons for Kodi offer variety of music from singers. Your mind and body need to relax that is why we have the best add-on for Music on Kodi for you:


This addon has the extensive music library that is quite fascinating for its listeners. This addon depends on YouTube a little which is the best thing about it. Updating the addon is done after the collection of data from numerous different websites.

MP3 Streams

MP3 Streams has been there in Kodi for some time and has been doing a good job. If you are the one who loves listening to selective music genres and have a specific taste in Music then it is the best addon on Kodi for you. For instance, the sub categories include metal, rap, hip hop songs, which is divided into other categories.

Kodi Geo-restricted Add-ons

Geo-restriction is irritating yet a Kodi add-on can solve it. Geo-restriction needs a Kodi VPN to air channels across different countries. Also, your internet activities and privacy is protected under them.

Maverick TV

Maverick TV has gain its popularity over a period of time. It is capable of viewing documentaries, movies, World IPTV channels, live sports and a lot more yet it needs the use of Kodi VPN. Also, it has its own repository which kodi user can use for downloading.

Stream Hub

This addon is a replacement of the famous Live Hub Kodi add-on. Stream Hub has done quite a good job as a replacement in maintaining viewer traffic. It has a built-in add-on called “Mobdro” which offers live TV channels from around the word, However, a Kodi VPN is required for streaming a channel that is outside your region.

Best Kodi Movie Add-ons

Everyone enjoys movies especially if it is according to your understanding, the experience becomes incredible. Likewise, the most captivating thing about Kodi is that you can enjoy movies from different genres such as action, thrill, classic and much more. These are the best add-ons for viewing latest movies on Kodi:


Yes, Covenant, as we mentioned in the beginning, is the most popular add-on for the movie. As a replacement to Exodus, it has proved to be the best among all for watching your favorite movies.

SafeHouse Movie

This addon is not as much popular as Covenant yet it is worth mentioning as the best addon on Kodi. This is because the media library of this add-on includes many old and new movies. Additionally, it keeps updating so that viewers may not find any bad links.

Best Kodi TV Add-ons

If you love watching TV shows such as Black Mirror, Arrow, The Flash, DareDevil, Game of Thrones etc, These best add-ons for TV ensures a wide variety of media support with fast speed.


In past, SALTS (Streaming All The Sources) was taken down due to the disappearance of Fusion Repository. Yet, its back with updated links and sources and it is now capable of viewing TV shows along with movies to its subscribers.


We all know about YouTube due to its amazing popularity with billions of subscribers. Fortunately, the users of Kodi are able to enjoy their favorite movies, TV shows, and other media on Kodi when they use YouTube add-on. There are almost 1,000,000,000 mobile video views a single day on YouTube, as shown by the latest calculations.


Binge watchers and movie enthusiasts usually prefer MetalliQ. This addon has a widespread media including latest, popular, classical, most watched and best movies. The collection of the library of movies is impressive. Besides this, it also has several popular TV shows and music streaming capability. Thus, this addon has proved itself best for entertainment.


BOB is the advance Kodi add-on which has an extensive media library. Once installed, you can watch HD movies, live TV and listen to the amazingly wide variety of music. Additionally, the subscribers can also watch popular TV shows and top rated movies on BOB.

Latest Kodi Add-ons

There are new add-ons introduced on Kodi which are less likely to get notified by the authorities but still have a high chance of survival. The recent Kodi add-ons given below are way too stronger than the past ones in the maintenance of their activity.


Quantum is a replacement to the popular Sanctuary add-on. The Sanctuary has been extremely popular in the Kodi world for a long time. It had offered movies and TV shows on demand. At present, Quantum add-on is trying its level best to match the expectations that have been established by its precursor.

Genesis Reborn

Genesis add-on was closed by the law enforcement authorities yet it came back with the name of Genesis reborn, of which many of the users are unaware. Coming from the same team of software developers as Genesis, this addon is being modified to meet the expectations of viewers. Moreover, it contains all the features that Genesis had.


We have mentioned all the best kodi add-ons that work perfectly for streaming movies, TV shows, videos, and other media. These add-ons let you enjoy uninterrupted action and entertainment. Some more Kodi add-ons that view other broadcasting such as Sports, Firestick, PPV, kids, Android, Fitness etc.

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