Barclays hosts Cyber Security Challenge UK Masterclass Finals

Barclays, a British multi-national bank, has announced to partner with Cyber Security Challenge, a government-backed cybersecurity event intended for searching individuals for a career in cybersecurity. Barclays is the first bank to host Cyber Security Challenge UK Masterclass finals, to be held on the end of November.

The CSCUK Masterclass hosts nationwide competitions that will consequently set apart the individuals tailored best for a career in cybersecurity. The participants are tested through multiple face-to-face testing that will challenge life-like scenarios set on cybersecurity along with testing their technical, business and soft skills for a suited career.

The Cyber Security Challenge is open to those who do not have an occupation in cyber security and it does not have any requirement. Also, there is no age restriction in the challenge and the residents of the UK can only apply.

For those interested in the competition, there is still a chance to apply for this event. Individuals who are interested can register and the last date for the qualifiers for final are until 3rd August.

The link will redirect the individual to a website where they would be tested with two mandatory tasks out of four tasks. The mandatory tasks are difficult and priority for shortlisting to the finals held in November.

Tim McNulty, Barclays’ chief security officer, comments, “The cyber landscape is constantly evolving, as can be seen with the growth of AI and machine learning.” Furthermore, he states, “Through this competition, Barclays is helping to provide a platform for the next generation of cyber enthusiasts to demonstrate their skills to serve a societal need, and to develop promising careers under the stewardship of Barclays.”

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