The 5 Most Secure Web Browsers for Privacy


The internet is the biggest place where a lot of information goes public on daily basis and it has its own kinds of risks. Users on the internet are aware of threats such as tracking activities, cyber attacks, and data snooping. The internet can become a dangerous place if you are not using the right tools to deal with the threats. Remember that hackers are always looking for flaws in your system which they can exploit in stealing your data. Use of outdated browsers is one of the recklessness which puts your data privacy at risk.

Therefore, the use of secure browsers has become extremely important. There are many internet browsers that allow you to surf the internet securely. Here we have recommended the 5 best secure web browsers that ensure safe browsing experience. Have a look on the browsers below:

  1. Tor Browser

It is a secure browser which was developed after a massive increase in privacy issues of internet users. Tor has been a subject of discussion because of its technological advancement and awareness. People who uses the internet on regular basis have installed the Tor browser for secure browsing activities.

Tor software is based on distributed networks of relays which protect internet communication from tracking by ISPs and Surveillance agencies. Tor browser generates a dedicated encrypted tunnel for sending and receiving of data, it evades the evils eyes from monitoring the internet connection. The web pages you visit becomes hidden along with your existing location. Also, it allows users to access restricted sites on their devices.

Tor browser enhances your online privacy and protects against the surveillance program carried by the NSA. It secretly transfers your internet traffic from different locations and hides the source of communication.

Tor browser can be used without installing any software on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It comes with pre-configured security features for protecting your anonymity and can run from a USB flash drive.

How Tor Works

Tor is also called “Onion Router” because it works on the concept of Onion routing. The structure of onion has multi layers; similar to onion router. These layers encrypt the data multiple times and then it is sent through virtual circuits. The receiver side decrypts the data before it is passed on the next level. The innermost layer of encrypted data is decrypted by the last layer before the original data reaches the destination.
how tor worksIn such process, the decryption of the layers is done so efficiently that the IP does not get reveal and the location of the user is also hidden. This limits the spying eyes to look over the websites that you interact with and also make them unable to watch your internet activities.

tor browser

What Makes It Different?

Tor is quite popular in those countries where freedom of expression over the internet is restricted. For instance, in China citizens are not able to access the web pages due to censorship laws, in such situation Tor browser comes to work.

This secure web browser is also in use of Edward Snowden know as “Whistleblower” who reveals the information about NSA‘s PRISM program to the media through Tor. Many average citizens and academics use Tor in order to keep freedom and privacy protected in this era of mass surveillance.

  1. Epic privacy browser

The Epic Privacy Browser is built on chromium that protects your complete data privacy. The feature that makes it the secure web browser is the “private browsing mode” which means that on the close of Epic, deletion of all browsing data occurs during the use of internet and stores very small amount of data history. Moreover, it deletes all kind of tracking including Google tracking and several others that are done by the Internet Service Providers (ISP). Turning on Epic’s encrypted Proxy mode saves your data from hackers, data trackers, employees, ISP, and surveillance agencies.

epic browser

  1. SRWare Iron Browser

SRWare is a web browser that is chromium based due to which several on-screen visuals appear identical. This web browser secures your data by using different security methods. The feature that distinguishes it from Chrome is the data protection, it makes SRWare the secure web browser. This browser has also excluded the use of an ID together with the Chrome privacy concerns, for instance, search suggestion.

  1. Comodo Dragon Browser

The Comodo dragon browser offers two, one is based on chromium and the another on Firefox. The chromium is the dragon and the Firefox is the ice dragon.

comodo dragon browser

It claims to keep the stored passwords, plug-ins and favorites, it offers good privacy and security. The browser also offers a virtualization mode that secludes it from the host system. But it is only possible if you install Comodo Internet Security (CIS), a complimentary version of the company’s anti-virus software. The benefit of installing has more potential of security which makes it worth considering.

  1. Avira Scout

The speculation behind scout that it’s from the German anti-virus firm. Avira scout is to collect a range of third force security plug-ins in a chromium based secure browser with some of their additional features.

Avira scout offers safe web browsing that blocks phishing websites, Avira safe search, protected Wi-Fi which implements HTTPS when surfing sites with an insecure Wi-Fi and anti-tracking.

avira scout browser

Scout does emerge to be ‘hardened’ with a few tweaks, on the contrary, and additional ones are too probably in future. A script is incorporated to ensure extensions against a permitted list. The extensions stated above are also executed with the browser itself and cannot be detached, a safety of sorts. Upcoming releases will include Avira’s AV scanning, plus at some point the firm’s cloud-scanning facility.


We hope that you would have found the secure web browser for safe browsing, it is reasonably obvious that Tor is the best secure browser to use however one should choose the browser according to his need of protection. Someone who wants security and privacy than the Epic browser is the ideal option.


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