Most of us have been using a single web browser for years. For sure, it is not easy to go out of your comfort zone and try something new because using only one browser has become a habit. Yet, giving a try to a new browser would be a great experience if you want an enhanced online privacy. Using a secure web browser can provide protection from the cyber criminals and muggers who are always in search of information that they can use and exploit.

Improved privacy, better speed or greater flexibility through customizable options and plug-ins, the correct browser can make a difference in your online activities. In the piece of text below, we have gathered the top 5 secure browsers that will definitely improve online web surfing by making it more secure.

  1. TOR

Tor browser has become the slogan for the anti-surveillance as it is based on hidden servers. It can be installed on the Windows, Linux PC, Mac and also on USB stick if it desirable.

Tor is more advance in its privacy features instead of security. It hides the user but demands the use of HTTPS connections only. It has a list of do’s and don’ts to ensure security, also conscious about the downloading and opening of documents which require outside applications. Hence it is clear that it is purely a privacy browser and cannot be assumed to be the most secure browser.

It is an advanced privacy browser that offers an easy-to-use slider. Tor is immediately recognized with just a few evident changes by the Firefox users.

It can be installed on any removable storage device as it is a portable app and thus its service can be used on any device you are operating on, regardless of the location.

  1. Epic privacy browser

The Epic privacy browser is built on Chromium. It is the best example of a browser that has every possible feature to widen the privacy and prove itself as the most secure browser. It is more like using minimal Google Chrome. After every session, the trackers are eradicated. All searches are surrogated through the owner of the firms. It tries to prioritize SSL connections anytime possible which are useful for open Wi-Fi networks. It never collects the data of its users and also blocks unnecessary apps.

Epic also has a one-button feature for a fully encrypted connection that may slow down the browsing but is appealing to some users.

  1. SRWare Iron Browser

SRWare is a web browser that is chromium based due to which several on-screen visuals appear identical. This web browser secures your data by using usual methods of security. The feature that distinguishes it from Chrome is the data protection. It is the data protection that makes SRWare, the best secure browser. This browser has also excluded the use of an ID together with the Chrome privacy concerns, for instance, search suggestion.

  1. Comodo Dragon/Ice Dragon

The Ice Dragon web browser offers two, one that is based on chromium and the other on Firefox. The chromium one is the dragon and the Firefox one is the ice dragon.

It claim to keep the stored passwords, plug-ins and favorites, it offers good privacy and security. The browser also offers a virtualized mode that secludes it from the host system. But it is only possible if you install Comodo Internet Security (CIS), a complimentary version of the company’s anti-virus software. The benefit of installing that is has more potential of security which makes it worth considering. This browser has made its way in the list of the most secure browsers.

  1. Avira Scout

The speculation behind scout that, it is from the German anti-virus firm Avira is to collect a range of third force security plug-ins in a chromium based browser with some of their additional features.

It offers Avira safe browsing that blocks known phishing websites, Avira safe search, protected Wi-Fi which implements HTTPS when surfing sites with an insecure Wi-Fi and anti-tracking. These attributes affirm it as the most secure browser.

Scout does emerge to be ‘hardened’ with a few tweaks, on the contrary, and additional ones are too probable in future. A script is incorporated to ensure extensions against a permitted list. The extensions stated above are also executed with the browser itself and cannot be detached, a safety of sorts. Upcoming releases will include Avira’s AV scanning, plus at some point the firm’s cloud-scanning facility.


We hope that you would have found the best secure browser for protected browsing. From the above article, it is reasonably obvious that Tor is the most secure browser to use however one should choose the most secure browser according to his need of protection. Like if you are more concerned with privacy than Tor is a rather better browser. While someone who wants security and privacy then Epic is the ideal option.


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