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dedicated IP VPN

Best Dedicated IP VPN

Internet users have long been in a debate between shared and dedicated IP address. Both of them are different from each other. The VPN...



Verizon throttling Netflix

Verizon Confesses Throttling Netflix During Video Optimization

On July 20, it was reported that Verizon Wireless appeared to be throttling Netflix traffic, and very next day it was confirmed by the...
best kodi addons

Best Kodi Addons For All Purposes

Kodi is a software which is specially designed for the purpose of home entertainment and it is completely a free media center. It can...
republican internet privacy bill

Facebook, Google, ACLU Voice Concerns About Republican Internet Privacy Bill

The online privacy bill of congressional Republicans is lining up more opponents against it. The trade group including Facebook and Google data collection of...
best encrypted messaging apps

The Best Encrypted Messaging Apps

Internet and communication age is moving at its fastest pace with ever increasing technological features. However, the surveillance activities are greatly been increased all...
most secure web browsers

The 5 Most Secure Web Browsers for Privacy

The internet is the biggest place where a lot of information goes public on daily basis and it has its own kinds of risks....